Reviews Of CBD Hemp Flower Brands in 2021


CBD flowers are in demand. Following the recent surge in US states and other nations adopting the legalization of marijuana, the CBD hemp flower companies are undergoing fast growth.  To manage pain, minimizing anxiety overcoming illnesses, CBD is a fast-rising rising star.

The CBD rich hemp flower really does reign supreme, but you need to find the best brand if you want the premium benefits CBD flowers offer.  CBD flowers are derived from industrial hemp plants but they do not require complex lengthy extraction processes.  The buds of CBD flowers have similar benefits to cannabinoids but with a strong entourage effect.

Dozens of companies are entering the market every week, so it can be difficult to separate the high-quality from the low-end CBD flowers.

What are the benefits of CBD flowers?

  • CBD for Pain relief
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Regulate appetite and hormonal function
  • Cognitive and mood enhancer

This is why we have collated all the information you need to make the best choice when it comes to purchasing CBD hemp buds.  We regularly examine and review new and old players on the market, assessing them by looking at the following:

  • Brand reputation – check the trustworthiness and reliability of the brand and you will get a feel for the quality of their product.
  • Growing methods – organically grown is the best option.
  • Shopping experience – what is the shopping experience like?  Is it easy or difficult and what is the online provision for purchasing?
  • Transparencywe all need to know EXACTLY what is in the CBD buds.  Brands with total transparency are what we are looking for.
  • Growing methods – organically grown is the best option.
  • Qualitywhat is the quality of the CBD supplied? Is the quality good or sub-standard?

Before you make a purchase make sure you consider the points above, they are important because things like transparency and third-party laboratory testing provide you as a consumer with important information. 

Due to the CBD market still being fairly unregulated, you need to ensure that you purchase your product from accredited lab-testing companies who can verify the CBD content and profile.  This will ensure you buy the best quality CBD flower without worrying about environmental contaminants.

Unlike the sale of CBD oil, selling and distributing best CBD flowers online across the USA is challenging.  This can result in there being fewer sellers, with not the best quality.

Here are our Best CBD Flower Companies;  

The companies selected below offer buyers a truly great, and unique, product, with a good price point and selection of strains. For each of the brands listed below, we have looked at all the points mentioned above so that you don’t have to.  With that being said, let’s go straight into our top picks for the Biggest Hemp flower companies on the market right now.

Top 5 CBD Flower Reviews - Top rated CBD oil Hemp companies

1) Green Unicorn Farms

Green Unicorn Farms CBD buds are considered top-shelf quality products. Their marketing tagline is ‘Legendary strains. Curated quality’. The company prides itself on hunting for and supplying premium strains of the CBD bud, with a focus on flavor, potency, price, and user-experience as their quality criteria.

They are a popular brand that like total transparency when it comes to sourcing seeds, harvesting, and curing. Green Unicorn Farms aims to provide consumers with buds full of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. They offer value for money products, with great prices on bulk orders.

Their shopping experience is great, with clarity of ingredients listed on the packaging including CBD %). They regulate the moisture content of their buds to ensure they are neither too dry, nor too wet, and they employ organic farming methods. 

The customer support service is responsive and quick, and ordering is easy and consumer-centric. The fact that they have been in the market for a few years now lends credibility to their brand and their responsible business practices.

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2) Secret Nature

Secret Nature offer hand manicured, high-quality product with good potency and rich flavor.  They grow their flowers indoors in an organic environment with very little contamination.  They market themselves as a premium brand and they do seem to deliver on this promise.

The fact that they grow indoors in a temperature-controlled environment means they can control the temperature, light, and humidity levels. This results in a quality harvest with preserves the cannabinoids and terpenes in the product.

The packaging is great, the buds are delivered in nitrogen sealed cans to preserve their freshness and quality.

They focus on producing unique products which is why they offer small batches of products.  This does mean that the variety of produce is not there, but they make up for it in scoring highly for consistency and quality.  If you want their products you need to be quick off the mark as they do have a tendency of selling out. 

3) Plain Jane

Plain Jane is one of the original sellers of CBD flower products.  They market themselves as trying to make CBD flowers affordable and accessible, and in keeping with this, their prices are competitive.  Initially, the low pricing did result in some low-grade produce, but they underwent changes to their quality in 2020 resulting in much better CBD flowers at good prices so you should check them out.

They offer a range of trains with catchy names such as Hawaiian Haze, Special Sauce, and Sour Candy. Their price point means they have a lot of online customers across the USA, and therefore have built a seamless online shopping experience.

Plain Jane sources products from indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse grown flowers.  They list sustainability as high on their list of priorities, working with local Oregon farms to produce their product.  Each product description contains a bespoke lab report. 

They focus on pre-rolled joints which are popular and in line with their commitment to affordability.  Their small samples of hemp flower are sometimes sold for only $11 which is a bargain for anyone wanting to try out the products without spending too much.

4) Umami Hemp Company

Umami Hemp Company is fairly new on the CBD market, and they market themselves as fresh, unique, and top-quality providers.   Their range of products and pre-rolls have interesting names including Gelato, Lemon Haze, and Blueberry Pie.

The product descriptions come with lab reports so you check the contents for yourself, and their selection of CBD flowers is diverse and potent.  The company itself is a family company, named after the Umami brothers.   They have been growing hemp since 2006 but opened their greenhouse facility in California in 2020.

The products have great packaging and are individually packed and then sealed with wax to retain freshness and aromas. 

Umami sells pre-rolls selling for about $10 per roll, and loose flowers which sell for approximately $30 per ounce.  This is pricier than other companies but they do sometimes offer good discounts to bring the price down.

5) Cannaflower (formerly Berkshire CBD)

Cannaflower are a small New England farm offering a diverse range of hemp strains.  Their growing process includes regenerative and living soil practices which facilitate optimum growth and development of cannabinoids. 

This is a great brand that focuses on quality, pricing, and third-party testing to ensure the best product is available on the market.  Cannaflower is a recognized name in the luxury boutique end of the CBD flower market, offering ‘ultra-premium’ flowers and pre-rolls. 

Cannaflower likes to offer what it considers to be high strains of CBD, using buds that have been slow-cured for 60 days and organically grown and hand-trimmed.  If you read reviews online you will see that they are applauded for their great customer service experience. 

Their delivery is also noteworthy as they deliver their produce in heat-sealed double bags to preserve the integrity of the product.  If you subscribe to their emails you can get a $5 discount on your next purchase, and there are also regular discounts for returning customers.  Try the code GRATEFUL for 30% off.