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Abacus CBD — Strain Review and Breakdown

The Abacus CBD Indica dominant strain is a relatively new abacus hemp flower that has quickly earned a name for itself. This abacus hemp flower cultivar debuted on the cannabis market in 2017, and Abacus has swiftly positioned itself as a fragrant, relaxing, and sophisticated CBD hemp flower. This article will discuss the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds found in this hemp flower. Cannabis is such a versatile and effective plant that we believe everyone should know before making a purchase. Abacus CBD may be your next favorite hemp strain!

Abacus CBD Strain: Lineage

This abacus CBD flower went through several revisions before being perfected. OG Kush and Purple Urkle high-THC strains were tried, and each generation of plants was improved upon. Finally, the Abacus cultivar was created by crossing Alien Sour Apple with Fruity Pebbles OG.

Cherry abacus is an Indica dominant strain. Indica signals the presence of relaxation, which is great for unwinding at the end of a day, while Sativa promotes attention and natural energy. Although the best CBD Abacus is used in the evening rather than during the day, it contains Sativa and Indica's advantages.

Alien Sour Apple is a creative strain that increases focus and productivity. It's an extremely well-balanced hybrid with an out-of-this-world sweet and sour flavor that earned the name "Alien." Alien Sour Apple has large, dark purple, and green nuggets packed with white trichomes.


The Abacus strain has a long and illustrious history. As previously said, the strain was created by crossing two well-known strains, Alien Sour Apple and Pebble OG. The strain's unusual genetics contribute to the plant's potency and yield.

This abacus hemp strain is a long breeding period that makes it quite sturdy. Breeders who take their job seriously are picky about the circumstances in which they develop a new variety and what the parent strains will be.

The strain has been bred to be highly heat-resistant, cold-tolerant, mold- and mildew-resistant, and pest-resistant. It incorporates the best characteristics of the Alien Sour Apple and Pebble OG strains.


Green nugs scream sultry as Abacus CBD hemp flower that scents off with a long aroma impression. As it stands tall, according to the Abacus CBD nugs report, Abacus is a firecracker thanks to the high content of terpenes in its CBD. It's a hemp product that makes people happy and delivers laser-sharp attention.

CBD Abacus is built for the seasoned smoker who wants more. Users of Abacus CBD nugs have claimed that the strain has a balanced mix of increased endurance and relaxation.

A spicy finish and purple-tinged buds greet the nose with a powerful punch. A terpene strain high in numerous cannabinoids, the Abacus has a complex profile that delivers a full-bodied smoking experience.

Color And Aroma

A breathtaking purple-hued high CBD hemp plant with purplish buds and a wonderful scent glows in the light. The dark green color is beautiful, and the bloom is absolutely magnificent. If you're new to flower smoking, the scent may take you by surprise. The scent of this perfume is fresh and clean, with floral notes and a hint of musk.

abacus hemp strain


The Abacus hemp strain has a robust terpene-rich profile and rich earthy smokey flavor contributions from the terpene-rich profile. The aroma of the flower is floral, with a little musky undertone. In general, the scent and flavor of the flower leave an enduring first impression on others.

The typical THC and CBD levels in the Abacus strains are between 0.2% and 0.3% and 14-20 percent. This is on the higher end for CBD-dominant varieties, which tend to have lower THC levels.

Abacus CBD Flower Effects

Abacus' effects are soothing, calming racing thoughts and mental distress.

The feelings evoked by these two words are peace and alignment. These green nuggets may assist in aligning your mind and body, allowing them to relax.

The Abacus CBD flower is a cross between Indica and Sativa. Indica and Sativa are considered to be on a spectrum, with Abacus being near the center. The Abacus strain is ideal for nighttime since it is Indica-dominant, but its Sativa presence makes it appropriate for any time of day.

The buds from Abacus's strains have a lot of CBD and less than 0.3 percent THC or less. If you're using a strain with more than this amount of tetrahydrocannabinol, expect to feel groggy, intoxicated, and euphoric, known as a "high."

Dominant Terpenes

Caryophyllene: (0.45%)

Caryophyllene is a pungent terpene present in many herbs, spices, and pepper plants. It's commonly found in black pepper, cloves, and cinnamon.

Pinene: (0.14%)

Pinene is a terpene found in pine trees and has an earthy, woody scent reminiscent of Christmas trees or a verdant forest.

Myrcene: (0.13%)

On the other hand, Borneol is a popular cannabinoid and terpene that's found in numerous CBD products. It's also present in hops for beer. Thyme, mango, and lemongrass contain a touch of spice in beer due to myrcene.

It's also present in black pepper and basil.

Linalool (0.13%):

If you enjoy lavender blooms or birch bark, the floral scent of linalool is likely familiar. Linalool may also aid in the promotion of soothing effects from CBD.

Humulene (0.12%):

Humulene, another terpene present in beer hops, has a woodsy scent that sits midway between the tree-like aroma of pinene and the pungent punch of caryophyllene.

Bisabolol (0.06%):

Bisabolol has a delicate, floral fragrance that goes well with Abacus hemp's spicier terpenes. This terpene has a sweet flavor that is similar to chamomile.

Limonene (0.05%):

This terpene is named after lemon rinds, including limonene, and it adds a fresh citrus flavor to this strain's flavor profile.

Abacus Therapeutic Benefits

Abacus is excellent for reducing stress and anxiety, alleviating nausea, headaches, migraines, and other chronic pain from arthritis due to its high CBD content.

The advantages of the Abacus hemp strain's CBD are accessible in a variety of ways. Oils, lotions, and sublingual drops are all options. One approach may be more successful for one individual, while another is more suitable for someone else. The second aspect is the sort of pain one has. If you're attempting to relieve pain from osteoarthritis, sublingual drops may not be the greatest method. However, a roll-on or lotion applied directly to the discomfort area will work much more effectively.

Similar CBD Strains

Bubba Kush CBD Flower: Strains For Treating Anxiety

Bubba Kush - A lovely pair of Indica strains. The first sensation is one of total calm, which spreads throughout your extremities and limbs. Then there's a sensation of slumber that pervades the muscles throughout the body.

Sour Space Candy

The flavor of Sour Space Candy (SSC) CBD hemp flower will be comparable to sour gasoline. The flavor is transformed into a candy taste from outer space with Early Resin Berry (ERB)!

THC: 0.3%

CBD: 18%

Flavor: Herbal, Peppery

Feel: Euphoric,

Relaxed CBDs are a type of cannabinoid that produces no psychoactive effects.

Lifter Cannabidiol (CBD)


 Genetic Pedigree of Lifter Cannabidiol (CBD)

The lifter is widely used to improve its users' cerebral focus & energy; day time it works well with this strain; however, you can use it at night before going to sleep to relax your mind. It is best for helping in several conditions such as muscle spasms or cramps, inflammation, pain, migraine headaches(intense pain in and around eyes), and joint inflammation. The use of this strain is most effective for day time and evening hours.

By using lifter Cannabidiol (CBD), your body and mind will feel lifted, light as air, and free from any pains or aches.
The Lifter strain will provide you with the feeling of peaceful energy. The Lifter has the ability to relax you when you’re trying to retain a sense of mobility and focus, which makes it a great strain to enjoy anytime of the day.

Lifter includes 22.40 Percent cannabinoids, 18.46 Percent Cannabidiol (CBD), 0.37 % Cannabigerol, 2.34% isoprenoids, and a well balanced blend. People who use it often experience relaxation, relief, calm, and it's a great choice for daytime or evening.

Lifter CBD was bred by Oregon Cannabidiol (CBD) by crossing Suver Haze with Early Resin Bud (ERB). The result's a high yielding Cannabidiol-dominant-strain suitable for both direct consumption & making Cannabidiol (CBD) products.

Lifter Cannabidiol (cbd) Strain Review

Cannabidiol has come a long way in a shorter time, and it has become the top rated health/wellness product in the USA. CBD is appearing in almost every local store as well as local gas station, and you can possibly find it in almost every place of the "Tampa Bay Area."

It was hard to find CBD strains in the past; it seems like Charlotte's Web-site was the only legal Cannabidiol (CBD) strain around for a few years at least. Today, you will find many high CBD/low tetrahydrocannabinol strains that are 100 % legal in the United States to produce and use.

Lifter Cannabidiol (cbd) strain is greatly popular among weed(marijuana) enthusiasts, and there's a good reason for this. The name of this cultivar (vascular plant) speaks for it self, as among the first words which will come to people's mind if they use it the first time is "uplifting." LIfter strain will not change your personality and mental perception. Rather, this Sativa-hybrid provides energy, wakefulness (state of consciousness) and enables you to focus.

Effects Of Lifter CBD

As per its name, Lifter can help you get free from prolonged negative thoughts, a strong feeling of unhappiness, and emotional stress. This kind of effect, as mood improvement and stress reliever, will emerge very quickly right after the 1st inhale. They keep working for about four hrs, with the strongest manifestation starting from Thirty to forty min's.

Lifter gradually calms down your body, reducing stress and anxiety, but with out creating a relatively elevated state. Additionally, it normalizes overall performance, brain activities and leaves clarity of your negative thoughts.

Lifter-pot can help you deal with the following conditions:

  • hypertension;
  • nausea or vomiting;
  • severe pain;
  • panic disorder;
  • bone tissue problems;
  • negative mood;
  • stress and anxiety;
  • menstrual cramping pains;
  • muscle cramps.

Flavour Profile Of Lifter Cbd

Lifter's taste is earthy and a bit spicy. If you've the opportunity, vaporizing Lifter will produce more flavor as compared to combusting the Lifter.

The buds of this plant are slightly sour, with a strong earthy smell along with a slight touch of floral-smells (Floral scent). The odor which it releases is very close to different types of woods, that is some thing that the majority of users find attractive. Lifter's flavor is a bit spicy and earthy.

Taste is relatively the same as the smell, as it'll provide you with a sense of earth in the mouth after usage. The terpenoids profile is abundant with this CBD lifter, which you'd most likely associate with pines, and a few fruit trees and shrubs. That gives it a unique taste is the presence of lemon-esque flavor.


The lifter has green-buds with a brownish shade as well as a plentiful coating of trichomes (plant hairs). The lifter has medium sized saturated green-leaves. Simultaneously, the buds are significantly much longer than usual and are stretched-up. Lifter slightly seems a bit frozen because of the rust looking hairs that grow plentifully in the center of the buds and become more thinner and significantly less visible at the ends.

The green colour is sprinkled with yellowish and orange tendrils (a slender whiplike or threadlike strand), which will make the Lifter Cannabidiol weed flower look fancy and lively. In the processed, dried-up form, the strain is a bunch of green folded leaves as well as orange-colored filament like hairs. This is combined with a light layer of resin, which makes this whole mass sticky.

Lifter's buds seem to be dipped in powder when looking for the first time.

Lifter CBD Aroma

The lifter has been known as having an aromatic wood smell that stays in the roots as well as offering smells of pine and sweet berry. The sweet and woody smell helps make it very enjoyable to sniff(smell).

Lifter buds have a funky cheese smell along with a touch of fuel, making Lifter CBD a good newcomer in the hemp-market.
The smell of Lifter bud is earthy and fruity. Fruits and berries entwine with lemon zest and piney fresh redwood with a touch of cheese. For this reason, a lot of users claim that the odor of the flower is similar to the Spring.

Green Unicorn Farms

Green Unicorn Farms (The most aromatic and smokable Cannabidiol Hemp Flowers) launched with the concept making it easy for people to find out the best smokable CBD hemp-flower.

They're on a constant search for the best hemp cultivators and make it possible for "almost" nation wide use of the best flower grown on small-farms in the united states. Hemp farmers who are specialized in their work and continually push the boundaries of what Cannabidiol flowers can be.
They're the Green Unicorns of the hemp market, magical, hard to find, and unique.

Almost all of the Green Unicorn Farm's contains pre-roll. Seventy-five grams of high quality hemp flowers. This is the Goldilocks amount for all of us, as .5 grams is not always enough for you to feel enough, and one gram is an excessive amount for most people.

We love their pre-rolls as they always come properly packed and perfectly rolled, which means they burn up smoothly, all the way to the crutch, every time.

Buy Lifter Cannabidiol On-line

Make sure to have a look at our finest stock of Lifter Cannabidiol hemp flower today to get great deals on every thing from a gram to a pound (lb)!

We provide the best quality commercially prepared pre rolls in blunts and joints.

It is stated that the lifter Cannabidiol strain is among the very best examples of how useful CBD products can be over-all. It includes almost no bad sides and side-effects while the positive aspects are overflowing and plenty.

Buy our products and tell us if you've any type of queries. Our goal is to provide you with the best customer service and the best quality CBD flower products.

Canna flower

Canna-flower (formerly Berkshire(often called the Royal County of Berkshire) Cannabidiol) focuses on making high quality hemp flowers. The company's farm is situated in the Northeastern United States, where the staff of expert farmers works to provide the best hemp flower you've tried yet.

The company grows its hemp by using organic farming techniques and produces some very useful strains we have not seen elsewhere.

If you are trying to find the best quality hemp flower, Canna-flower is the best brand.

Best Pineberry CBD 2021


Pineberry CBD Flower is Indica-dominant hemp that comes from the lineage of purple strain, which has a taste of berries and pines. It is a beneficial hemp strain with good therapeutic benefits. The buds provide sweet aromas of pine. It has high-resin content and distinct terpene profiles of its parents.

This strain got success due to terpene alpha-pinene, which has a unique pine flavor. It is a premium CBD flower with sweet floral and pine flavor that comes out when smoked, especially when you use vaporizers that keep your hemp flower from combustion.

The common cannabinoids of the Pineberry flower are available in 15.1%, and the top terpenes are Pinene, Farnesene and Myrcene.

Genetic Lineage of Pineberry CBD:

Originating from Oregon CBD, Pineberry is a cross of Early Resin Berry and Ringo's Gift. Pineberry hemp flower was selectively bred by Oregon CBD. It is an Indica strain with a sharp citrus flavor.

It was the first CBD strain that changed the view about smokable hemp flower. It has delicious and potent effects wrapped in beautiful fresh buds. 


Review of Pineberry CBD:

Pineberry strain is the top-shelf CBD hemp strain between 10% to 16% CBD and cannabinoids. These cannabinoids work together to relax you, and for some, it has a sedative effect. Due to its effects, people seeking a natural sedative can consume this strain.

While buying Pineberry Hemp Flower, make sure to confirm that you're buying a CBD hemp strain. Look at the laboratory results to check that the Delta-9 THC is equal to or less than 0.3%.

Remember that the Delta-9 THC must be within the legal limit. However, the total THC can be higher as it also includes Delta-8 THC.

Inhalation is secondary to intravenous injection when considering the compounds to get in your blood rapidly. Taking CBD oil under the tongue is third, with food items taking the longest time.


Each hemp flower strain possesses some distinct effects and sensations. That is why we usually suggest trying different strains under a specific circumstance or at a particular time.

Pineberry hemp flower produce an effect of relaxation in your body. You will first feel muscle relaxation, and you will get a sensation of tranquility and calm. You will be more clear-headed and focused. Usually, Pineberry is advised to use in the evening and during night-time. The effect of Pineberry Hemp flower can be quite calming to your body and mind like other CBD flowers. So, this strain is perfect for a long working day.

The relaxed state induced by the Pineberry can help to make you sleep. It is also another reason why it is usually suggested for night-time use.

The best time to smoke Pineberry at night is before watching tv or doing some work. Perhaps not suitable before bed because it has an uplifting sensation that can make it difficult for you to sleep.

Commonly Pineberry is used for reducing these conditions;

  • Depression
  • Inflammation
  • Stress
  • Anxiety


You'll find fruity berry flavors that balance the intense earthiness of terpene alpha-pinene. It has a citric and piney aroma has hints of tropical fruits. It brings a sweetness of raspberry jam to your mind.

The aroma is quite dominant and sharp. You will get notes as soon as you open the bag or jar.

Flavor Profile:

Pineberry CBD flower has potent flavors that balance slightly with sweet notes of blue and red berries. Its sharp taste hits you with a lot of power. Not the most well-rounded, it is a strain for people who enjoy intense cannabis flavor. Lemon rinds, Hops, wood and pine are the significant notes.

The dominant Pineberry terpenes include the following:

  • Beta-Myrcene
  • Alpha-Pinene
  • Limonene
  • Farnesene


Pineberry has a unique appearance with bushy and thick hemp flowers. It has bright green buds and orange pistils. Pineberry CBD nugs are sharp, short and fat with fresh green color and a covering of frosted trichomes on the buds. You'll find purplish shades under the right light. The density can be more airy and loose than other CBD buds.

Plain Jane

A vintage Plain Jane strain with balanced effect and sharp Pine-berry flavor. It is a cannabis strain that cannabis experts highly like because of its classic heritage. The cannabis plant is also easy to cultivate. For those who smoke THC, it is a great strain to mix with cannabis to decrease the high and control effects. It is less likely to cause worry.

It exhibits a significant high which has an outstanding balance of Indica and Sativa. The initial effects include a shocked expression that is rapidly followed by socialization. After some time, you'll be gradually immobilized. Ultimately, a perplexing sensation of heavy sedation will get started, so prepare your bed

Buying Pineberry CBD Online:

Pineberry has existed for some time and many vendors of CBD flower offer their take on it. Recently though, a few firms have ceased the strain. You can find greenhouse indoor and outdoor strain versions. The price will be a bit higher if you will buy indoor, but it will be high quality. Usually, we advise buying top-shelf outdoor as it has high quality at a reasonable price.

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