CBD Consumption


 Methods of Cannabidiol (CBD) Consumption

When considering Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil, there are several different methods to consume, such as sublingual tincture consumption, smoking, inhalation, topicals and edibles.

Cannabidiol (CBD) infused topical products are a great and beneficial way to help reduce inflammation, stress and relieve localized pain. As the largest body-organ, our skin is very absorbent and porous.

Application of topical roll-ons, oil, salves, rubs, balms, and creams is a very common way used by sports athletes to administer Cannabidiol known for its anti-inflammatory effects, stress reduction capabilities and pain-relieving properties. Cannabidiol can be used through the skin.

In order to try Cannabidiol (cbd) for anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia, or another health condition, be aware that there are many methods to take Cannabidiol (cbd) and enjoy its effects. If you are on sublingual, vaping, topical application, or edibles administration, being smart regarding your Cannabidiol consumption helps ensure an enjoyable and smooth experience.

Inhalation  (Smoking and Vaping)

Inhaling Cannabidiol is one of the easiest methods to enjoy its effects. Whenever you inhale Cannabidiol (cbd), it goes directly to your lungs and into your blood stream. There are two ways you consider: vaping and smoking.

Smoking  Cannabidiol concentrate

You can smoke Cannabidiol (cbd) concentrate by using a Dab Rig that looks like a water-pipe. This can be done by heating the nail of the dab rig where Cannabidiol (cbd) concentrate is placed. An easy alternative method can be rolling a joint containing high Cannabidiol (CBD) marijuana.

Positive aspects of smoking Cannabidiol (CBD):

  • It provides the best concentration of Cannabidiol
  • It is the fastest delivery-system

Disadvantages of smoking Cannabidiol (CBD):

  • Higher concentrations may not be best suited for people who don't need a higher dose for their condition.
  • It will require extra tools (Rolling papers, dabber, oil rig)
  • Smoking can be harmful to the throat & lungs.

Vaping  Cannabidiol oil

On the other hand, you can vape Cannabidiol (cbd) oil by using a vaporizer pen. If you're new to vaping, you'll get a vape starter kit from several recognized vaping-companies. Vaping is effective as an amazing substitute for smoking if you require the same concentration of Cannabidiol (cbd) as well as the maximum possible effects with out the harsh feeling that comes along with smoking.

Benefits of vaping Cannabidiol (CBD):

  • There's no harsh smoke that can harm your lungs & throat
  • It provides a high concentration of Cannabidiol (cbd) as well as the maximum possible effects
  • It is very easy to regulate your CBD dosage

Negative aspects of vaping Cannabidiol:

  • It will require additional tools (like vaping pen and essential accessories)
  • You are vulnerable to vaping a high concentration than you need

Sublingual  (Below the Tongue)

You can buy Cannabidiol (cbd) tinctures in order to use Cannabidiol sublingually. To use it sublingually, all you will need to do is place some drops of the cannabidiol tincture below your tongue and hold it in your mouth for Thirty seconds before ingesting. This is a very discreet way, and it'll help you to feel relaxed and calm.

Negative aspects of vaping Cannabidiol:

  • It provides long lasting effects
  • Dosage control is very easy to manage
  • It is easy to use and does not need any other equipment.

Disadvantages of sublingual consumption:

  • Many people can't tolerate Cannabidiol's earthy-taste
  • Results can vary from person to person

Orally  (Food, Drink & Capsules,)

In this way, the Cannabidiol (cbd) passes through your digestive tract and is digested by your liver. It's recommended to consume a Cannabidiol product before eating anything because it will work very best without interruption.

The primary route for ingestion is gastro-intestinal tract. This constitutes pills and food. And the results take some time to reflect.

It's because the product goes through the digestive system. The effects can last for a long time, like Eight hours.


  • High dosages: One tablet can provide a higher dose of an ingredient as compared to a single capsule.
  • Long lasting and durable: Tablets are a lot more stable and usually have a longer shelf-life as compared to capsules
  • Affordable: Even though it depends upon the ingredient and the casing, tablets are usually less expensive than capsules. This often helps make them less expensive for users.
  • Can be split: In contrast to capsules, tablets can be cut in 2 for a small dose, when necessary.
  • Variable delivery: In contrast to capsules, tablets can be cut in 2 for a small dose, when necessary.
  • Chewable: Some tablets also come in chewable or even orally dissolving forms.


  • Less tasty: Although many tablets have a flavoured coating to mask the taste of the medicine, some don't. Once consumed, they can leave a bad after taste.
  • Slower acting: The tablets are absorbed in the body slower than capsules. They might take more time to work.
  • Uneven dis-integration: Tablets may breakdown inconsistently, which can reduce the medicine's usefulness and over-all absorption.

Transdermally (Through your Skin)

If inhalation isn't working for you, you can use topical Cannabidiol products. Topical use means using Cannabidiol (cbd) creams, balms, or ointments on the skin. This method works well for migraine headaches, sore muscles, and skin problems. Apply the cream to any sore area like the neck, back, or feet. If you've a migraine headache, you can massage it on the temples.

Positive aspects of topical uses:

  • It works great for muscle soreness and skin problems such as inflammation & acne.
  • Topicals are easy to use
  • No accessories or further tools are required

Positive aspects of topical uses:

  • The effects aren't as long lasting as the other methods
    You have to apply a lot if you want a high dose
  • This is any product that is applied to the skin. Cannabidiol is absorbed through the skin and affects your skin cells. It never will get directly into your bloodstream.
  • Your skin has a variety of endo-cannabinoid receptors.Through these, it is possible to enjoy the health benefits of Cannabidiol (cbd).

A Method to Suit You

To sum all this, many people have observed amazing benefits from all types of consumption. It is dependent on what your personal choice is and what you want from your Cannabidiol (cbd).

The method used must be selected very carefully. It'll prevent the excretion, uptake, and spread. Therefore choosing any way carelessly is just risking failure.

You must consider their expectations from the Cannabidiol (cbd) seriously. The preference and comfort of the person might also be important. However, this shouldn't be considered over effectiveness.

Such as if you're vomiting, you can't inhale or ingest. It'll have to go in through your back-door that can be surely painful, embarrassing. Those reservations must be put down before you are well enough to care about your comfort and ease.