Cherry Wine CBD Review

Genetic Lineage of Cherry Wine CBD

Cherry Wine is a hemp strain founded initially in 2015 by Charlotte’s Cherries and The Wife's cross-breeding. As per Discount Pharms seed bank, it has a fruity floral taste with earthy hints and a terpene aroma similar to green apples. Charlotte’s Cherries is widely known for its 50:1 CBD to THC ratio, and The Wife produces higher amounts of resin.

 As a result of its cross-breeding, this CBD hemp strain is rich in cannabidiol, bursting-with flavor, and consistent quality. It's also an expertly crafted hybrid of 50% India and 50% Sativa that makes this amazing strain even better. Cherry Wine hemp strain is one of the most well-balanced strains in the market that is sold due to its good qualities such as tasty flavor or plentiful resin.

When searching its original-genetics in the hemp seed market, you will find Cherry Wine hemp seed as original as it gets. One of the foundational hemp-strains bred by founder Bodhi-Urban in 2015 is commonly used to breed for its high quality.

This hemp strain mainly grows in alkaline soil along with additional nutrients and minerals. Alkaline soils are less soluble therefore need minerals and nutrients infused into the soil. Using this type of soil, these hemp plants can be grown inside.

Cherry Wine CBD Review

CBD hemp-flower is available in different strains, each of which offers a unique sensation, effects, and taste. This strain is recognized for its unique cherry flavor and strong effects. According to its nature for being a True Hybrid, hemp flower Cherry Wine can be enjoyed any time. It is also a preferred hemp strain for CBD hemp-flower users.

When you are looking for the best sellers of Cherry Wine CBD, make sure to check that the CBD buds are legal and lab tested. Cherry Wine needs to be sold with a THC percentage equal or below to .3%, that is used to classify CBD flowers legally. Anything above .3% is considered cannabis that is licensed and sold differently depending on the state you're in.

Remember that only the delta-9 THC should be below the legal limit rather than the total tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol also includes in total THC.

Cherry Wine CBD strain is a highly effective and safe remedy for several ailments, such as spasticity, muscle spasms, nausea, inflammation, chronic stress, depression and chronic pain. It is also the best pots for a fun evening with friends or some peaceful moments for yourself.

This hemp strain has low delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content and exceptional CBD (cannabidiol) concentration that's why by choosing Cherry Wine hemp, you will get relaxation for your muscles and energy for your mind.

It was initially grown and formulated in Colorado. Now, this hemp strain makes its place among the top-tier strains of CBD and cannabis and one of the most popular strains of CBD flower in today's market.


Cherry Wine CBD is a unique, balanced hybrid strain with 50% Sativa and 50% Indica, giving you a great feeling. As soon as you start using this hemp strain, you start feeling calm and relaxed rather than feeling tiredness of couch lock, which is often related to Indica strains.

The reported effects of Cherry Wine Hemp Strain are feelings of euphoria and relaxation. Those who have used the Cherry Wine strain reported positive effects for body pain, stress and muscle soreness.

Some reported effects of Cherry Wine are;

  • Focused - 6 out of 10 people have reported feeling focused.
  • Relaxing-Due to pinene terpene's healing benefits, 8 out of 10 people have reported relaxing effects.
  • Euphoria- The limonene is a mood-boosting terpene, contributing to the euphoric effect that 10 out of 10 people have reported.

Common Uses of Cherry Wine CBD Hemp

As euphoria and relaxation are the main effects of Cherry Wine CBD Strain, but this hemp strain can be used for the following:

  • Soothing body pain
  • Reducing stress
  • Post-workout recovery and muscle soreness
  • Pure smoking pleasure
  • Improving focus
  • Inflammation
  • Depression
  • Restlessness

This hemp strain gives you a feel of pleasant euphoria and growing. I must say that Cherry Wine CBD Strain is actually a "Chameleon of CBD Strain" that gives you what exactly you want.

Flavor Profile

The person who named this hemp strain a Cherry Wine must have been guided by its aroma. The aroma is enticing, just like its name. The taste of this hemp strain delivers an exciting combination of both sweet and citrus. This strain carries a unique sugary but skunky aroma, providing a sweet earthy flavor that is similar to pine and cherries. Two plants are grown side-by-side but have very different taste profiles.

 This delicious and unique smell and flavor is provided by Terpenes present in this strain. It contains high amounts of b-caryophyllene, linalool, myrcene, limonene, and farsenene. This terpene rich profile gives this hemp strain healing effect and delicate smell.

 Let us look at its natural terpenes that give this hemp strain on the iconic effects, aroma, and flavor.
Dominant terpenes:



carries a strong, almost nutty flavor.



has a floral aroma with a hint of spiciness.



the most dominant terpene in Cherry Wine CBD provides peppery, spicy, and woody hops and hemp flavor.



provides a delightful acidic kick and the aroma of lemon.



provides a mouth-watering scent, also present in other fruits.


The review of Cherry Wine CBD would be incomplete without its appearance details. The first thing that you will notice about this hemp flower strain is its beautiful unique appearance. Cherry Wine plants can range from dark purple to light green. The flowers have hints of orange and yellow hairs with a massive amount of thick and fluffy nugs. This hemp strain can be very sticky during harvesting.

Cherry Wine is one of the first CBD strains with beautiful buds, which had some frosty tric-home structure and red, yellow pistils. The buds are deep-green with a darkish color and their size is medium to large.

The buds also contain little to no-seeds - a perfect choice for those who like to use maximum hemp weight. Nugs are slightly thick, easy to break up with fingers. Multiple crystals are oily and sticky. When you hold the nug in your hand, your first feeling would be malleable and gluey.


Cherry Wine CBD has sweet and fruity aromas that usually add an earthy, woody and spicy undertone. But its cherries dominate the aroma of this strain. You will get a strong smell once you start breaking the beautiful nugs. As you spend more time breathing in the buds, you will feel cheesy undertones and a sour berry-like scent.

Cherry Wine CBD Flower has a solid aroma of berries and fruit, continued with a beautiful hint of smooth cream. This hemp strain can be used at any time of day. However, most users prefer to smoke later in the day because it is India-based.

Buy Cherry Wine CBD Online

Nowadays, with the expansion of the CBD industry, the hemp flower is a thing that several people enjoy consuming regularly. The vast majority of people prefer to buy this hemp strain due to its relaxing effect and natural terpenes profile.

With increasing awareness about the potential healing characteristics of CBD, there has been a never-ending search for the top-rated CBD companies that sell the best qualities of CBD flowers. It is best if you do thorough research about the product you're thinking of buying.

 Cherry wines CBD are hard to find, but several wineries that make it in small amounts have it ready-to-order and are happy to deliver it to you today thru UPS or Fed-Ex.

You can find numerous vendors who offer Cherry Wine CBD online. The quality will be different from company to company; therefore we have collected our best options. No matter if you want loose buds or pre rolls, you can select one of them.

Best sellers of Cherry Wine CBD: 


With high CBD and low THC content, Cannaflower is one of the leading companies for federally legal CBD-rich flowers. As per Canna-flower, their low-THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) CBD flowers can help users feel relaxed and elevated without any strong intoxicating feelings. They also claim that all their products are;

  • Grown in state-certified USDA hemp programs
  • 3rd party tested for federal standard compliance

It offers CBD flowers according to their;

  • Cultivation methods
  • Effects they have on the body
  • Strain and aroma

These unique features make this company stand out from the others in this industry.

A great type of Cherry Wine by Canna-flower (ex Berkshire CBD) has sweet, delightful notes of cherries and potent effects. If you smoke it for pure pleasure, this may become your favorite CBD strain.

Canna flower feels like a reliable brand which proves its reliability and efficacy by being completely transparent about the ingredients used in creating all their products and by showing all the testing results on their web-site. It provides a wide variety of CBD flowers to suit your mood and time. 

American Shaman

In the CBD industry, American Shaman is one of the most popular vendors of CBD flowers. They are best known for their top-tier CBD topicals and tinctures, but their small line of prerolls and CBD flowers are of surprisingly high-quality for a non-flower brand.

The company categories their CBD hemp strains as per THC content and taste. They also have a great collection of CBG flowers, including Cherry Wine.

CBD American Shaman offers a wide variety of products and strives to get the best quality and potency. Though their products are a bit expensive, but they make it with full transparency and their easy-to-use interface.

Final thought

Cherry Wine CBD Hemp Strain is one of the best flowers that I've ever seen. Do you have a habit of sipping a glass of wine or reading a book in the evening? You should think about adding a puff or a draw from this potent hemp strain in your list!

The terpene rich and cannabinoid profile, combined with natural cherry smell, make CBD Cherry Wine hemp flower my to-go-to Strain whenever I want to relax my body and calm my nerves.