Strain Review

The first question that comes to mind regarding Early Resin Berry (ERB) is whether it is Sativa or Indica, the experts have not made a consensus on this point. But its application is largely used in many medical complications e.g., in case of nausea and stress, ERB seems to be a perfect remedy.

Being a CBD strain, ERB acts as a parent strain like many strains but its vendors seem hard to find out.

Genetic Lineage of Early Resin Berry CBD:

ERB has its own distinction over the hemp flower of all types and its importance as a unique strain has been approved. Its hemp flower is smokable showing condensed appearance and prompt effect.

If you talk about significant CBD strain, ERB comes first as parent strain among many CBD strain, which are given as below:

  • Sour Space Candy
  • Elektra
  • Lifter
  • Special Sauce
  • Suver Haze

You can’t say anything about the genetic origin of ERB with certainty but some hypothesis has prevailed that it belongs to the Kush strain.

The procedure, season, tempo, and area of its growth in terms of flavour and bud structure are the same.

Early Resin Berry CBD

ERB is famous for having high CBD content and low THC content, perhaps, it is the reason why this strain comes in the category of parent hemp strain on the basis of its genetics. Its lineage is still undefined; therefore, the farmers remain unable to find the seeds to make the growth enhanced for further production.

Many people alternatively need a hot cup of coffee to kick the day. It is taken as one of the mysterious hemp strains probably on account of unspecified genetic lineage. Early Resin Berry is responsible to form many strains, a few are given below, by crossing high-CBD strains:

  • High resin and terpene content
  • Robust structure
  • Early flower initiation
  • Strong sweet berry flavour notes

People are also eager to know the Leader of the cannabis strains which usually they consider Sour Diesel and OG Kush. They approve it genetically because the dominant hybrid is Sativa. 


Many of us still don’t know whether the Early Resin Berry strain is Sativa or Indica. But its effects are similar to the strain if both Sativa and Indica are managed to form together. The efficacy of ERB is worth noticing if used in revolving stomach, nausea, and stress. A little later after taking it, you will soon get the euphoric feeling.

Indica strains contain Myrcene which has strong sedative effects and is used as a muscle relaxant. Now we discuss the next terpene which is Caryophyllene with analgesic characteristics that help in regulating mood.

Many people in the world undergo anxiety because of many reasons, here we need not go into its details. Now it is going to be a great product having anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects if it comes to limonene. Limonene has surprising results in case of anxiety and inflammation.

It may happen that you have consumed a variety of combined strains, this will eradicate stress and pain. When you minimize your pain and stress by this method, it means you have created an ‘entourage effect’.

Flavour Profiles

Flavour Profile:

ERB bred strains have a unique berry flavour and many people like it very much. You taste it sweet and sour with the blinking of eyes. Everyone has his own taste and flavour and many like its mixings such as the mixing of diesel, skunk, and Kush strains.

If you are interested in therapeutic elements, you will have to go after terpenes and cannabinoids where terpenes are said to be the molecules. When you mix hybrid strains, it is important for you to have some basic information regarding the mixing of these hybrid strains to keep yourself on the safe side.

Before mixing, you should keep in mind the potency being prepared and the suitability to your health.


If you talk about dried buds, you will experience a strange and different aroma. You will take berries, citrus fruits, vanilla, and sandalwood. It may happen that you are experiencing the aroma of musk, earth, cinnamon, and hops.

Its aroma may establish the imagery of mango and pineapple. It may also happen when you come across some fermented fruit, you feel a pungent aroma.


A healthy trichome formation appears on the large-sized buds of the Early Resin Berry strains. The plants continue their independent work where male pollen acts as donors making the flowers remain indifferent.

As ERB nugs are depending upon mother strain, they appear quite charming and attractive that the viewer may not help to enjoy. It seems as if you are going to have Sour Space Candy which has bright green and golden colours.

Buy Early Resin Berry CBD Online

Buy Early Resin Berry CBD Online:

Oregon CBD is the sole producer of ERB and happens to market the clones and seeds to the farmers after breeding. Researchers are of the view that ERB should be used as the blending tool because its smoke leaves no pleasant influence if used alone. Therefore, they prefer and suggest ERB be used as a mixer to get the required result.

People use the term ‘making a salad’ when they intend to mix cannabis according to their will to obtain their required level of getting high. You may go two ways round i.e., mixing and matching to maintain CBD level.

The enthusiasts who are in the habit of tobacco and wine, are fond of making blends of different varieties to enjoy. Contrary to this, many approaches are just for medicinal benefits and they take as they are prescribed by some experts.

Note: (The writer has taken down this article without his personal inclination of opinion.)