Legendary OG Review

Genetic Pedigree of Legendary OG (Ocean Grown)

Legend OG is the best cure for sleeping disorders, pulling people in to a restful, deep sleep. This strain is a great solution for people who're vulnerable to panic or who've a low tetrahydrocannabinol tolerance (THC tolerance), as it is not more likely to result in overly cerebral paranoia symptoms.

Legend OG is a cannabis Indica strain produced by crossing "Ocean Grown Kush'' with an unfamiliar strain. This strain offers relaxing effects that elevate your mind when soothing pains and aches through out the body. Legend OG's sleepy qualities help to make it the best strain to enjoy before bed time.

Renowned Ocean grown hemp strain not only does great at de-compressing your mind; however it calms those daily aches and pains if you push your body too hard during any one day time or week. The high from Ocean grown Kush is more head focused as compared to physical. It usually starts with an abrupt head rush that might lead users to feel more-focused on their surroundings; sounds and colours might seem more intense.

The Legendary Ocean grown hemp strain has reports of being a "super fire" but also providing a calm effect with happiness that helps to reduce stress and anxiety so that you can sleep with a relaxing mind. Legend OG establishes it's appeal immediately with surprisingly large and well formed flowers. Legend OG's buds are protected in a layer of trichomes (floral trichomes (plant hairs)) that are responsible for their psycho-activity.

Legendary Ocean grown cannabidiol Review

Legendary Ocean grown has a strong flavour profile with powerful skunky and gassy notes that fade-out in pine and citrus. It tastes much like the classic tetrahydrocannabinol flower, which was around before tetrahydrocannabinol got too powerful. It has a great flavor and heavy, dense smoke that's very smooth on your throat.

Users have experienced a lifted mood using this strain, which helps to take away the stresses/tensions of the day as well as relief from pains and aches through out the body.

Legendary Ocean grown has OG Kush as one parent and a significant commercial hemp strain for the 2nd parent. This strain, initially developed in the state of Oregon, is an Indica hybrid with effects for body and mind. Legendary Ocean grown meets "legend," as the body looks for the couch as well as your mind heads to the clouds.

Legend Ocean grown provides a multi-layered flavour to enhance its well balanced effects. This powerful strain's tetrahydrocannabinol content is measured at levels starting from twenty percent to twenty-five percent.

Legendary OG is rich in Beta-Caryophyllene, a terpene best-known to provide physical relief in your body.

Achieve high quality of life and also get a much better night's sleep by relieving the pains & emotional stress that your body suffers from.

Relax your body from daily life stresses and feel like new you are!

Effects Of Legendary Ocean Green

Legend OG's effects melt in to a body stone. A tingle of relaxation might start to radiate through the limbs and core, reduce any stubborn knots of stress and facilitate easy, deep breathing. Here, people who smoke can't do any activities that need focus or physical effort. If the dose increases, this feeling of sleep or sedation turns into a pleasantly immobilized couch lock. Due to its slow decline in drowsiness, Legend Ocean grown is highly recommended for evening or night time use.

Some claimed that if they mistakenly used an excessive amount, their mind felt over stimulated, and some basked in this effect for its possibility to draw-out innovative thinking. Some state that Legend Ocean grown will also cause bouts of giggles and sleepiness.

Though pleasurable for recreational users, this greatly relaxing strain is also beneficial for medical marijuana patients. For one, its up-lifted mood can dull momentarily, and a number of the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Legend OG might also relieve physical pain, regardless of whether it is temporary because of injury or as a result of chronic problems such as joint disease or lupus (an autoimmune disease). Its anti inflammatory properties might take the sting out of common conditions such as head aches and cramps.

Flavour Profile

Waves of unique flavor permeate with these fresh and strong buds. Legend Ocean grown strain has a smooth draw, a sweet and citrusy flavor.

Combusting Legend OG (Ocean Grown) in a joint or pipe produces a smooth, very easily ingested smoke with sour and sweet flavours on the exhale. Pungent, sour, and floral in taste.

The dominant isoprenoids in Legendary Ocean grown are the following:

  • Limonene - alleviates anxiety and stress;
  • Linalool - helps to relieve depression symptoms and inflammation.
  • Alpha-caryophyllene- alleviates anxiety and inflammation;
  • Humulene - effective appetite suppressant, analgesic and anti-inflammatory ;


The Legendary OG has the loudest smells of any Cannabidiol strain. The skunky smell jumps from the bag. The fuel smell in it is very pleasing! Legend Ocean grown strain smells like diesel fuel, with sour floral notes.

The aroma is loud, and the flavor is bold however pleasurable. The smoke provides a lovely taste. If you have been craving the funk, the Legendary Ocean Grown strain is here to gratify.


Legend Ocean grown establishes its appeal immediately with large and well formed flowers. These buds adhere in a pine cone-like shape, tapered, flaring out from a wide base in to a pointed-tip. Their internal structure demonstrates Indica effects, with leaves curling closely in-ward towards their central stems developing a solid core. The leaves are a mossy mixture of yellow and green, with orange colored trichomes shooting through.

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Aromatic smoke with a thoroughly relaxing Legend Ocean grown is a must-try for Indica (cannabis) fans. If you are talking in a public place, be ready for its strong smoke to turn some heads.

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Straight down from the Ocean-grown Kush lineage, Legendary OG leans heavily in to the relaxing body attributes of a 100 % pure Indica cannabis while providing the relaxing mind of a low tetrahydrocannabinol hemp strain. Relax your mind and calm your body with this indica-dominant offering from the legendary lineage.

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