Best Pineberry CBD 2021


Pineberry CBD Flower is Indica-dominant hemp that comes from the lineage of purple strain, which has a taste of berries and pines. It is a beneficial hemp strain with good therapeutic benefits. The buds provide sweet aromas of pine. It has high-resin content and distinct terpene profiles of its parents.

This strain got success due to terpene alpha-pinene, which has a unique pine flavor. It is a premium CBD flower with sweet floral and pine flavor that comes out when smoked, especially when you use vaporizers that keep your hemp flower from combustion.

The common cannabinoids of the Pineberry flower are available in 15.1%, and the top terpenes are Pinene, Farnesene and Myrcene.

Genetic Lineage of Pineberry CBD:

Originating from Oregon CBD, Pineberry is a cross of Early Resin Berry and Ringo's Gift. Pineberry hemp flower was selectively bred by Oregon CBD. It is an Indica strain with a sharp citrus flavor.

It was the first CBD strain that changed the view about smokable hemp flower. It has delicious and potent effects wrapped in beautiful fresh buds. 


Review of Pineberry CBD:

Pineberry strain is the top-shelf CBD hemp strain between 10% to 16% CBD and cannabinoids. These cannabinoids work together to relax you, and for some, it has a sedative effect. Due to its effects, people seeking a natural sedative can consume this strain.

While buying Pineberry Hemp Flower, make sure to confirm that you're buying a CBD hemp strain. Look at the laboratory results to check that the Delta-9 THC is equal to or less than 0.3%.

Remember that the Delta-9 THC must be within the legal limit. However, the total THC can be higher as it also includes Delta-8 THC.

Inhalation is secondary to intravenous injection when considering the compounds to get in your blood rapidly. Taking CBD oil under the tongue is third, with food items taking the longest time.


Each hemp flower strain possesses some distinct effects and sensations. That is why we usually suggest trying different strains under a specific circumstance or at a particular time.

Pineberry hemp flower produce an effect of relaxation in your body. You will first feel muscle relaxation, and you will get a sensation of tranquility and calm. You will be more clear-headed and focused. Usually, Pineberry is advised to use in the evening and during night-time. The effect of Pineberry Hemp flower can be quite calming to your body and mind like other CBD flowers. So, this strain is perfect for a long working day.

The relaxed state induced by the Pineberry can help to make you sleep. It is also another reason why it is usually suggested for night-time use.

The best time to smoke Pineberry at night is before watching tv or doing some work. Perhaps not suitable before bed because it has an uplifting sensation that can make it difficult for you to sleep.

Commonly Pineberry is used for reducing these conditions;

  • Depression
  • Inflammation
  • Stress
  • Anxiety


You'll find fruity berry flavors that balance the intense earthiness of terpene alpha-pinene. It has a citric and piney aroma has hints of tropical fruits. It brings a sweetness of raspberry jam to your mind.

The aroma is quite dominant and sharp. You will get notes as soon as you open the bag or jar.

Flavor Profile:

Pineberry CBD flower has potent flavors that balance slightly with sweet notes of blue and red berries. Its sharp taste hits you with a lot of power. Not the most well-rounded, it is a strain for people who enjoy intense cannabis flavor. Lemon rinds, Hops, wood and pine are the significant notes.

The dominant Pineberry terpenes include the following:

  • Beta-Myrcene
  • Alpha-Pinene
  • Limonene
  • Farnesene


Pineberry has a unique appearance with bushy and thick hemp flowers. It has bright green buds and orange pistils. Pineberry CBD nugs are sharp, short and fat with fresh green color and a covering of frosted trichomes on the buds. You'll find purplish shades under the right light. The density can be more airy and loose than other CBD buds.

Plain Jane

A vintage Plain Jane strain with balanced effect and sharp Pine-berry flavor. It is a cannabis strain that cannabis experts highly like because of its classic heritage. The cannabis plant is also easy to cultivate. For those who smoke THC, it is a great strain to mix with cannabis to decrease the high and control effects. It is less likely to cause worry.

It exhibits a significant high which has an outstanding balance of Indica and Sativa. The initial effects include a shocked expression that is rapidly followed by socialization. After some time, you'll be gradually immobilized. Ultimately, a perplexing sensation of heavy sedation will get started, so prepare your bed

Buying Pineberry CBD Online:

Pineberry has existed for some time and many vendors of CBD flower offer their take on it. Recently though, a few firms have ceased the strain. You can find greenhouse indoor and outdoor strain versions. The price will be a bit higher if you will buy indoor, but it will be high quality. Usually, we advise buying top-shelf outdoor as it has high quality at a reasonable price.

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