Best Purple Haze CBD: Strain Review

Purple Haze offers a relaxing bliss to experienced customers. This classic Sativa strain is loved for its high-energy cerebral stimulation. Purple Haze is considered to be originated from parent-strains Haze and Purple Thai, which pass on a blend of earthy and sweet flavors with the notes of sharp spice and berry. Purple Haze buds have radiant lavender hues that explain the name of this strain.

Genetic Lineage of Purple Haze CBD

Purple Haze is a high-quality cannabis strain and got fame in the '70s. Many people think that the strain became famous in the Summer of Love in 1967 when Jimi Hendrix composed a track, Purple Haze. But, it can't be true since the Haze strains were first cultivated in the '70s. Thus Jimi was singing about LSD…

Similar to the song, Purple Haze is energetic, vibrant, creative and incredible all-around. It is a Sativa strain with the potent and uplifting properties that you want from the Haze strain.

The CBD form of the strain is a cross of OG Kush and Ultra Haza. It is a unique combination of Kush and Haze Strain as Haze lifts you and Kush makes you chill.

Purple Haze CBD Review

The Purple Haze strain begins with the rush of natural citrus flavor that goes through your throat with unwavering smoke. Don't mistake Purple Haze with Purple Haze CBD: The CBD strain is forced by government law to have a Delta-9 THC amount of 0.3% or low. The cannabis version of Purple Haze is a strong THC-strain that will know you if you aren't ready to handle the weed.

Note: The total THC can be slightly higher since it also includes Delta-8 THC.


Purple Haze CBD is full of energy and overall great to smoke for a creative spurt or mental boost.

You will find yourself focused, and mental cloudiness will disappear as your mind and body get lighter. Purple Haze is an excellent strain for day-time smokers and for those who want a better day. Smoke it before or during a social gathering to become more friendly and talkative.

Purple Haze Is Commonly Used In The Following Cases:

  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Depression
  • Inflammation
  • Stress


Purple Haze has pine and citrus aromas blended with black and red berries. Take a whiff, and you will get sharply spiced notes of cloves and cinnamon on inhaling it and soft natural wooden notes on exhaling out.

Flavor Profile

Purple Haze has high terpene Limonene which gives a flavor and citric aroma of tangerine, lemon and orange. Purple Haze also has a pine flavor and woody base-note. Its sharp taste hits hard on inhaling and exhaling. The lemon and pine notes are delicious and potent as they refresh your mood.

Dominant Terpenes:

Following Are The Dominant Terpenes Of Purple Haze:

  • Limonene
  • Caryophyllene
  • Pinene


Purple Haze has slightly dense buds with a hue of lavender and a covering of rusty-orange hair. You can expect it to be more purple than it is. When cultivated appropriately by a good vendor, you will find that it has more silver frosty-touch than purple. The buds are usually medium to larger sized; however, that varies from vendor to vendor.

Hempton Farms

Hempton Farms is a well-known brand in the Midwest, where you see them in smoke and CBD shops. They provide Purple Haze, which is sold in nitrogen-sealed cans to keep the buds fresh and rich flavored. Looking for the best, they work over the entire hemp spectrum to bring their consumers and partners together. They focus on top-quality genetics, premium CBD flower, biomass, and farming partnerships.

This outdoor Purple Haze is of excellent quality!

Plain Jane

Plain Jane began to make CBD flower products readily available and economical. Now they have over seventy-five thousand clients all-over America. Their aim is simple-to provide you the top CBD flower at the perfect prices.

They are licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture in Southern Oregon. All their CBD flowers are taken from small U.S. farms. They have a range of products such as CBG flower, CBD joints, CBD flower and CBD cigarettes. With over Twenty CBD strains, they form top quality greenhouse, indoor and outdoor flowers.

They are the real makers of the first low smell CBD-cigarette. With a water curing procedure, they eliminate the typical smell of cannabis and then the flavor of the cigarette paper. It gives the taste to hemp cigarettes without nicotine and any tobacco. They also give you a full-flavor hemp smoke that is naturally full of hemp terpenes.

They work with almost fifteen farms, mainly situated near South Oregon. They also have their small hemp farm to give good quality greenhouse flowers with distinct hemp genetics. They are believers in long-lasting practices and regenerative farming.

Plain Jane understands that the good vibes originate from the exceptional quality. If you need a break for self-care, these hemp-rolls burn for 5 minutes—no rapid burning with hot ash falling everywhere.

Buy Purple Haze CBD Online

Try a range of CBD flower vendors to see which Purple Haze version suits you the best.

A few companies have indoor Purple Haze versions that are of real premium quality. You have to pay more for indoor than outdoor. However, the value is reflected in its quality.

There are also some outdoor versions of good quality. If you're a beginner or smoking to treat any mental or physical condition, you can buy outdoors to save money.

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