Smokable CBD Flower

CBD Flower or Smokable Hemp is the flower of the female hemp plant which has been selectively bred to have high amounts of cannabidiol (CBD) and low amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD flower is a good choice for smokers that want to get a different way to have cannabis. Smoking CBD flowers or premium hemp won't get a person high, however, we like to inform our family and friends that you may expect to experience a lift of euphoria.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural substance present in the cannabis flower. It has a reliable history as medicine going back several years. Nowadays, the remedial characteristics of CBD along with other known cannabinoids including CBG are now being subjected to testing and are verified by doctors and scientists across the globe. A non-addictive and safe CBD is one of the thousands of Phyto-cannabinoids, that are unique to cannabis or hemp.

What is Smokable Hemp?

CBD Flower or Smokable Hemp is a bud of the hemp plant or flower which has been grown particularly for smoking.

Cannabinoids like CBD are present in large quantities in plant's flower, although CBD oil can be taken out from the whole plant, smokable hemp is rich and pure amounts of CBD. Other cannabinoids can be found in buds, which include CBC, CBG, and CBN, to mention just three of more than a hundred cannabinoids.

Continue Reading To Know About The Interesting Facts Of CBN Oil And CBG Flower.


If you are reading this article, we will believe that you are not against smoking and it is good, because there are extensive benefits of smoking hemp.

  • First of all, Smoking hemp is likely to be the most pleasurable way to consume CBD. High-quality smokable hemp flowers are quite fragrant and a pleasure for all your senses. Hemp is quite similar to marijuana in appearance, taste, and smell, but it will not get you high.
  • The other benefit of smoking CBD hemp flowers is that you'll experience the CBD effects quite immediately.

Inhalation is secondary to intravenous injection when considering the compounds to get in your blood rapidly. Taking CBD oil under the tongue is third, with food items taking the longest time.


Effects of Smoking CBD

When you consume smokable CBD it goes into the blood by thousands of vessels of your respiratory system. It makes smokable hemp, the best form of CBD for any type of pain spasm, and anxiety, due to the speed at which it relieves symptoms.

  • People also relish the fact that you are getting what you see. If you have smokable hemp in your hands you will realize you are holding the richest part of the plant when talking about plant-compound content and cannabinoid. And it is also quite clear to see that nothing is added to make your breath unpleasant.
  • CBD flowers may also be commonly used as an alternative to tobacco. Blend it to marijuana, or smoke it alone, smokable hemp is non-addictive and much more attractive than tobacco.
  •  You will also enjoy the entourage effect when you select smoking CBD, which means you'll sense increased effects as many substances present in hemp work synergistically with one another.

Common Misconceptions about Smokable CBD

  • Most of the people become worried that smoking hemp can get you high, but if the hemp is taken from the licensed cultivator then there is no possibility of that happening.
  • If you are concerned about getting imprisoned for smoking CBD then worry no more. Now the Hemp and its derivatives are federally legal, due to the Farm Bill which was passed in 2018.
  • You only need to confirm if your state has applied their limitations about THC content because your CBD should be THC-free, then smokable hemp might not be the best choice and rather you should search for a wide range of CBD or separate products.

Hemp Flower Buyers Guide

In a perfect world, you want a supplier that can provide you the high-quality CBD flower with the best taste in the market, at any particular time. There are a few details you can check which may help you find a good supplier, such as:

  • Laboratory Results - If a supplier does not provide laboratory results of a third-party for each and every strain, then do not bother thinking of him. Laboratory reports can be easily obtained and they make sure that you are getting the proper levels of cannabinoids. It also proves that the Hemp has not been cultivated by using pesticide sprays (you would like harmful pesticides in your lungs? Absolutely no, all of us neither).
  • A Retailer That Cares for you - We will also suggest buying CBD from suppliers you believe you can rely on. One important thing we always consider is the care of retailers regarding products they sell. What additional details do they provide you to guide you make a wise decision? Was it cultivated outdoors or indoors? Where was it cultivated? How does it smell and look?

Review Of The Five Top CBD Flower Brands Of 2020

Green Unicorn Farms

Green Unicorns are genuine - the most aromatic, richest, and smokable CBD Hemp Flowers available anywhere.

Green Unicorns are the most fragrant CBD Flowers in all across the United States. They only give what is worth smoking, keep you returning for more. They search them. And you smoke them.

Green Unicorn Farms is the top retailer out of North California. Their M.O (Modus Operandi) is to just sell the best. They provide a few quite distinctive and fascinating strains. They look for the richest, cleanest, most fragrant smokable CBD hemp flower. They search everywhere for exceptional standards grown by the most skilled indoor greenhouse, and outdoor cultivators.

Try their high-quality indoor hemp flower for the best CBD flower.

Special Sauce

Special Sauce is a real fan favorite in the realm of CBD flowers. Special Sauce is rapidly becoming a legend of hemp flowers. It is a high CBD strain that is for both experienced hemp smokers and beginners.

The taste profile of Special Sauce is natural and well-rounded. The high CBD content combined with the particular blend of flavors makes it the best for night-time smoking. You may taste a flavor of spice and cinnamon that gives you a slight citrus taste on exhalation. A delicious strain that is appropriate for smoking after a hectic and long day when your body and mind need to relax.

The best CBD flower strains of 2021!

Cherry Abacus

Cherry Abacus is a loud, fragrant CBD strain with small to medium-sized buds which are thick and covered by trichomes. It possesses a floral and fruity aroma with rich notes of cherries and red berries. Some people think that the aroma is the same as that of Cherry Coke. It is ideal for relaxing the body and mind without getting a couch lock. It melts away anxiety and discomforts.

These buds are fresh from the harvest of 2020 - Delicious and hand-trimmed!

Papaya Nights

Papaya Nights is an energizing and uplifting Sativa strain with fresh and fruity flavors. It has a tropical aroma and the after-taste is exotic and sweet.

Overall it is a great strain which is best experienced in the daytime.

It is a high-quality indoor strain so expect to pay a bit more!

Cherry Wine

Cherry Wine strain is sweet and fruity with a rich terpene profile. The aroma of cherry while the taste is citric yet smooth. Its effect is soothing but not making you sleep. The best way is to have it in a wine glass in the evening.

Secret Nature

Secret Nature is well-known for having small batches of exceptional CBD flowers that sell very fast.

Their loose flower is excellent, and pre-rolls are made of similar buds. They're expensive; therefore, it may not be the best choice for smoking it daily; however, their quality is irrefutable.

CBD American Shaman

For improving wellness around the world, CBD American Shaman follows the best industrial standards to produce terpene-rich, ultra-concentrated Smokable hemp flower and CBD hemp oil.

All their products are 100% natural, non-GMO, contain no harmful pesticides or heavy metals, and are batch-tested for warranted quality. The flower of Cherry Wine is cultivated on their private farm and it is made for the healing of the mind and body.

Best CBD Flower Strains