Sunset Road Sherbet CBD Review

Sunset Sherbet is usually called Orange Sherbet or simply Sherbet. It is well-known to have a whole-body effect with the appropriate level of cerebral power. It was bred by Mr. Sherbinski, which is why it is known as sherbet.

This strain is derived from moderate to large-sized flowers with rusty pistils and a purplish tone. The plant leaves are thick and broad with bright green color. When the temperature drops, the anthocyanin pigment causes coloration. The sticky trichomes provide shine to the strain. This body-relaxing Indica leaning strain will eliminate all your tension and stress in your body and mind.

Sunset Sherbet Strain is a hybrid strain and used for medicinal and leisure purposes. It is widely known to provide a high where the brain gets activated. People use it for relaxation and to improve their all senses. For example, you can smoke as you’re watching a sunset on the beach with your close friends.

Genetic Lineage of Sunset Road Sherbet CBD

Sunset Road Sherbet is a complex, potent strain with high cannabinoid content in all CBD buds currently available. SRS is used chiefly for its effects and not for smoking pleasure. If you’re a new smoker, you’re recommended to begin with a friendly strain like Special Sauce or Hawaiian Haze.

The genetic lineage of SRS isn’t completely known. It’s thought that it is a cross-breed of a mystery and Sherbet strain cultivated on Sunset Road, Las Vegas. It also has high amounts of beneficial terpenes. It contains average Pinene levels and low levels of Caryophyllene and Myrcene. It also contains Guaiol and Humulene.

Sunset Road Sherbet CBD Review

SRS is a relaxing Sativa-dominant strain with potent effects that suit uneasy bodies and racing minds. You will feel its effects running through your body from top to bottom, releasing stress along its way.

Legally the Sunset Road Sherbet CBD must have Delta-9 THC under 0.3%. Anything over 0.3% as a CBD flower must be bought from a licensed CBD retailer.


It is highly psychoactive effects that can improve creativity, inspiration, and motivation. However, it will develop progressively like Indica. It will take some time to feel its effect. Generally, it begins with some pressure in your head, which slowly becomes the whole body’s comfort. Since it has high THC content, just a small amount is sufficient to get high. With a little amount, even veterans can feel its complete effects.

SRS has quite strong effects that stay for a long time than other strains. You will feel the effects hitting your shoulders, neck and back immediately. You will feel your eyebrows and arms relax when muscle tensions, pain and anxiety disappear from the body.

Though Sunset Road Sherbet is a CBD Hemp strain, you may feel a slight spinning sensation. The total CBD amount, together with the well-rounded terpene profile, clears away all mental clouds. SRS strain has become famous due to its medicinal benefits. Its relaxing effects are for those who have stress, depression and anxiety. The uplifting effects can relieve psychological disorders.

Commonly, it is used for the following conditions:

  • Anxiety, Stress and Depression
  • Pain
  •  Inflammation
  •  Insomnia

Flavor Profile

The Sunset Road Sherbet CBD Strain has a fruit-punch taste with an exotic floral twist. It is pungent with a “heavy” smoke that ends with an after-taste of cloves, wood and pine.

Although Sunset Road Sherbet is well-balanced and fascinating in its flavor profile, it may be dominating. Its initial flavor is dense, while on exhaling, it has a trace of bitterness similar to grapefruit.

You may want to cough soon after some puffs.

The Dominant terpenes are the following:

  • Caryophyllene
  • Myrcene
  • Bisabolol

The flavor profile is well-balanced, but for some people, the taste may be overpowering if you’re not used to the intense CBD flavors. Experienced people will relish the overwhelming bitterness of the potent strains.

On exhaling, it leaves a sour taste. This particular flavor is associated with oranges, berries and lemon. Unexpectedly, the anthocyanin hues that usually give it a distinct violet color don’t give it a grape flavor.


It has pretty large and dense buds in bright green color with orange fuzz all over them. These buds seem like the potent CBD flower.

The SRS CBD can be sticky with trichomes.

It is suggested to break with a grinder so that your hands do not become sticky!


The aroma of Sunset Road Sherbet makes it famous. The berry-like fruity aroma with sharp natural tree-like over-tones provides it with an unusual fragrance. The buds produce a blend of zesty oranges and sweet berries that come from parent strains.

In the fruity notes, you’ll find a pungent smell. It is because of having OG Kush in the lineage. Therefore, SRS emits harsh smoke, which can be stingy and can even cause coughing.

Savors hit hard at the start of the smoking, leaving you wanting for the sweetness that whirls through your mouth and leads to a woody flavor and scent.

Green Unicorn Farms

SRS pre-rolls that are premium edition pre-rolls with flowers and absolutely no shake. It is not for first-time smokers. Expect Sunset Road Sherbet CBD to hit you hard. Veteran smokers often love this CBD strain because of its strong effects and extremely overpowering flavor.

Expect to have a little buzz and an increase in energy level and concentration. Get these if you’re sure it is good for you. Sunset Road Sherbet isn’t an ordinary bud so expect to have quite powerful effects!

Order Sunset Road Sherbet CBD Online

You will find various options for Sunset Road Sherbet CBD online. You can buy a high-quality flower or indoor buds. Outdoor can be a little bit less expensive and have more negligible effect and flavor.

We suggest beginning with outdoor if you do not have a particular choice. Consider it like wine. If you are not an expert, don’t spend $50 for a bottle.