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Brief Description of Landrace Strains

Landrace Strains are the actual genetic basis of the latest cannabis hybrids. It takes hundreds of years to evolve naturally and is not crossbred. They adopted the influence of the local environment. They are completely Indica or Sativa. Current strains are specifically bred to gain higher potency.

Landrace Strains in a Nutshell:

We know cannabis flowers grow in different parts of the world under the influence of their inheritance with native properties. The features of the cannabis plant were present even 5000 years ago in India. The growth of cannabis plants was spontaneous in the Hindu Kush Mountains. By any means, the plants transferred to Hawaii and America, and then through Asia, they reached Africa.

The important Landrace strains are:

  • Hindu Kush
  • Afghani
  • Thai
  • Durban Poison
  • Acapulco Gold
  • Panama Red

Many companies are interested in cannabis landrace strains, for they are utilized in modern medical science to form a medicine. The roots of modern cannabis hybrids are linked to the ancient landrace strains you are not sure to say the no. of types that existed in the world.

Landrace Strains in a Nutshell

Now the researchers and pharmacists are eager to develop its breeds to add to the medicine, but they don't want to ignore the participation of thousand-year-old landrace strains. Landrace weed and seeds refer to cannabis as their best example. Cannabis prefers to grow in hill areas under a tropical climate. Dutch companies encourage their breeders to grow cannabis in a controlled environment. The industry of landrace strains in cannabis is growing because it has been used for thread making, which is of fine quality.

As the industrialist see the scope and usability at a high peak, they are interested in cultivating it within a short period to increase its productivity. Unfortunately, landrace strains in cannabis have long been used for narcotics or as sedatives. But now its growth is encouraged even in Pakistan to make a fine quality cloth. 

3 Different Types of Strains:

The Sativa Landraces

Now we are discussing Sativa Landraces, which have been used for many decades to gain the favorite buds from Lamb's Bread, Hawaiian, Durban Poison, and Thai, which are considered central areas. The purpose behind its production is for medical science in the manufacturing of medicine, and the other for thread making.

In pharmaceuticals, it is required to create psychedelic effects or partial senselessness.

For this purpose, compatibility is created between these strains and Haze strains. The products claimed to have 100% Sativa contain a 90:10 ratio. Haze variety of cannabis is very much popular in which dominant ratio of Sativa is high.

Many hybrid strains are available in the market, which many researchers have created despite all these. You need to note the seeming properties of the plants for accurate judgment. Contrary to Ruderalis Landraces, the Sativa Landraces contain higher levels of THC.

The Sativa Landraces

The Indica Landraces

The big source of Indica Landraces is the roundabout area of Afghanistan, where the Hindu Kush comes first in this regard. The strains from the Hindu Kush locality have relaxing and couch-locking feelings. They are all analgesic, and the bearers feel a soothing and pain-relieving effect. If we compare Sativa Strains and Indica, the latter discussed is short in length and condensed like a bush.

Now the question arises why they are bushy or sturdy?

The answer is quite simple, and the intense and hard environment has made them the present shape. You can identify it easily by its condensed flower and broad leaves. Indica strains have a higher concentration of CBD.


Indica Landrace Strains:

  • Afghanistan
  • The Hindu Kush is the hill area between Pakistan and Afghanistan borders.
  • Tashkurgan
  • Chitral Kush
  • Mag from Iran
  • Puna Buddaz from Hawaii

The Ruderalis Landraces

It is interesting to know that a Russian Botanist first discovered Ruderalis Landraces in 1924 in South Siberia.
It grows naturally with the least involvement from human beings.

Being low in THC, Ruderalis Landraces is distinctive among other types. It grows in the harsh environment of Europe, Northern Russia, and The Himalayas. It is the reason it becomes strong and resilient. It is excellent for crossbreeding experiments and for the production of auto-flowering seeds.

Ruderalis Landraces

Ruderalis plants can grow on time-span rather than light exposure. Weather temperature, i.e., hot in daylight and cold at night, can change the genetic makeup of Ruderalis Landraces. Humans do not clone them, so they are only formed for millions of years under the influence of diversified temperatures.

Botanists consider Ruderalis Landraces somewhere between Sativa and Indica based on properties shared. You can find its strains in Europe and Asia besides other strains. The average length of Ruderalis goes from 0.5m-1.0m height. Genetic specialists often made experiments for breeding and creating any hybrid.

Hence, many people prefer a compound concentration of Sativa or Indica for better results. Research is still carried out on the original genetic form of the strains. The future is very bright for this cannabis as new aspects are still being explored.