Best THCV Strains in 2021: All You Need to Know About Tetrahydrocannabivarin

Have You Ever Tried THCV? THCV is a cannabinoid that has been shown to have very different effects on the body than THC. THCV is most often found in high-CBD strains of cannabis, and it can be difficult to find THCV products for sale. But if you are interested in trying something new, then this blog post will tell you everything about THCV!

What Are High THCV Strains?

THCV is a tiny cannabinoid present in trace amounts throughout cannabis plants, and THCV works similarly to THC at the molecular level. Its longer hydrocarbon chain distinguishes it from its intoxicating counterpart; instead of getting you high, it helps your body absorb more nutrients.

THCV has been shown to inhibit the intoxicating effects of THC at low doses by acting as an antagonist at CB1 receptors in our brain and nervous system. However, at higher doses, it can still exert psychoactive effects on users of THCV products, such as vapes and gummies. THCV is one of the most exciting cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, and it has been used to treat Parkinson's Disease and epilepsy.

Cannabis Strains

Cannabis strains offer THCV in various forms. THCV is found in the leaves of certain strains, which can be smoked or vaporized to ingest THCV on its own; however, it's also present as an isolated compound that can be infused into some products for vapes and edibles.

THCV: A High Incidence Of THCV, THC, and CBD

A recent study found that THC affects the appetite and suppresses cravings. Together with CBD and THC, THCV is one of the "big 6" Cannabinoids that have been highly researched to date. THCV is available in several strains. They're equally suited to individual needs!

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Which Strains Have The Highest THCV?

Sativa Strains vs. Indica

Cannabis products from the powerful Sativa strain are a hybrid cross between Napalese and a Sativa south Asian strain. It can produce a head high, which can help relieve stress and anxiety and increase creativity and concentration.

Several consumers of hemp Indica products are experiencing certain sedating effects. Cannabis Sativa has generally been associated with full-body effects like increased deep relaxation, calming down insomnia, and stimulating bone growth. Cannabis indica plants are short, have wide and dark green leaves. Cannabis Sativa mostly grows taller and develops thinner, pale-green plants. Both versions have their own set of effects on the individuals using them. Each version has its own set of side effects for the user.

Power Plant

Power Plant was a powerful hybrid of Sativa dominant strain with African Sativa as its parent. It has a higher THC content (15-20%) and a significantly higher THCV content that helps in combating pain by lessening the effect of brain lesions caused by Alzheimer's disease. The scent is described as woodland-based, and earthy while the taste is sharp and peppery.

Take it if you have a high THC tolerance. Power plants have numerous therapeutic benefits as they contain a high THCV content strain that offers a clear-headed, buzzy high that makes the consumer happier and creative.

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Doug's Varin

The resulting scent of Doug's Varin is an earthy pine aroma and is accompanied by a citrus flavor. It gives clear-headed mental stimulation that does not last long to consumers as it appears to have high levels of THCV.

Cannabidiol, like other cannabinoids, inhibits the reuptake of endocannabinoids in the central nervous system (CNS). THCV's effectiveness depends on its ability to suppress appetite. 

It is THCV's ability that suppresses appetite, which helps in reducing weight. High THCV strains are found in vaper pen vendors, but their vaping vapor has a concentration of around 25-35%.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is an African landrace strain that stoners have been cultivating since the 1970s. This strain has fathered several popular hybrids, such as pineapple Sativa.

Durban poison is named after South Africa's sunny city, 'Durban.' This organic Sativa strain has high resistance and strong genetics towards extremely harsh weather conditions. Durban Poison is one of the beneficial strains of all time. It offers numerous therapeutic benefits, especially if you're fortunate enough to try the original phenotype of the Durban strain.

Durban Poison gives off an uplifting buzz and energy to boost the creative side and even motivates you to keep a challenging schedule.

THCV cannabinoid is found in cannabis. THCV is present in a limited number of cannabis strains, but it may be up to 10% in some cases.

Malawi Gold

This cannabis strain is named after where it originates(Malawi: an African country). It's a Sativa landrace strain that provides an uplifting mental excitement and is intellectually stimulating and inspirational.

When it comes to seeing the exact amount of THC content strains, we find no official lab data that can give us the exact amount. 

It has been suggested that THC content levels in Malawi Gold are as high, if not higher, than in Durban Poison. Malawi's THC levels are high enough to suppress hunger and promote weight loss.

Pink Boost Goddess

The Emerald Goddess, a balanced hybrid strain created by Emerald Spirit Botanicals and distributed by California-based cannabis flower provider Flow Kana, is one of the rare THCV strains to hit the market. Flow Kana's newest strain, Pink Boost Goddess, was announced in July 2019 and had 4.24 percent THCV and 18.7 percent THC. Flow Kana grows high-THCV plants outside to enhance sun exposure and stimulate THCV production. 

Goddess is a hybrid strain that has an Indica background and a powerful THC content. It has an exotic floral scent and a vanilla flavor, in contrast to other high-THCV strains, mostly Sativas.

Jack The Ripper

Jack the Ripper's illustrious history has won several cannabis cups and is known by breeders and producers. Instead, the objective was to cross a fast-acting Haze strain with a lot of THC. On the other hand, the results speak for themselves: Jack the Ripper has consistently tested at 5 percent THCV or higher, with a THC level ranging from about 15 to 25 percent.

Despite the wide range of psychoactive potency, Jack the Ripper has one of the highest THCV profiles of any strain as yet discovered. Jack the Ripper, fortunately, is so popular among growers and recreational users that it's one of the simplest high-THCV strains to come by.


ACA is a balanced 50/50 Sativa/Indica hybrid with an overall content of 1.131% THCV. Some of the benefits of THCV include relief of anxiety-related stress, weight loss assistance, calm panic attacks, and epileptic seizures, as well as the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

High-THCV Strains You Should Know About

The psychoactive cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) is a minor cannabinoid usually found in trace amounts in many marijuana strains. THCV is a small molecule that has a thin profile but has gained a foothold among the health- and wellness segments within the Cannabis market. Even small molecules can make a big impact on how an individual strain of cannabis treats us, along with the health benefits it can provide. The plant's complex chemical makeup shapes how our bodies and minds respond to different stress types and respond to a particular one as we learn more about its chemical makeup and health benefits.

List Of Tetrahydrocannabivarin(THCV) Benefits

Tetrahydroxycannabivarin can be found naturally at the highest concentrations of tetrahydrocannabivarin. THCV is a minor cannabinoid offering several known benefits and may have useful uses for various medical purposes. As more studies continue to be done on THCV, the list of benefits will likely grow in the future.

Therapeutic benefits of THCV

THCV: Weight Loss Wonder

The THCV weight loss assistance has excellent appetite-suppressing effects that suppress the receptor CB1. Research shows that about 3mg per kilogram weight is the ideal amount to lose weight. Studies say THCV high strains and CDB work better than those not high. THCV was not evaluated as a weight loss medication given the catastrophic Rimonabinant tests.

Researchers believe that obesity occurs due to obesity-associated glucose intolerance. THCV can aid the obese in reducing weight because the cannabinoid receptors can help improve motor control or connectivity in brain areas that commonly alter in people with hypertension.

At doses too high for stoners, this is not the case. It could boost appetite at high doses even though people with high blood weight are considered more unhealthy. I would be interested to know if the studies supporting THCV's effectiveness as a weight loss agent are accurate.

Parkinson Disease

THCV has an effective treatment of tremors that are associated with ALS and Parkinson's Disease.


THCV also helps to stimulate bone growth, making it a useful addition for treating osteoporosis. According to some researches, THCV reduced the number of seizures. Since it was non-intoxicating with smaller doses, it may be useful for treating adults who have epilepsy and helps in reducing pain and fighting fatigue. It could also be used for the treatment of pediatric epilepsy and may be useful.

Red Congolese

The Red Congolese is a beautiful cannabis strain that instigates clarity and mild stimulation. This strain provides the best relief for stress-related problems like mental fatigue, anxiety, and obesity. Some argue that it is of the African Sativa class, while others say it originates in Mexico. The Red Congo strain is a popular strain with mild stimulation and mental clarity.

Anxiety Reducing

THCV can thwart even eliminate panic attacks making it good therapy for individuals with PTSD. Most research occurred in Israeli, and scientists have determined that THCV is effective because THCV suppresses the 'panic' mode, which occurs during a natural fighting reaction.


THCV offers the potential for being a treatment option for people with diabetes who have obesity and are related to insulin intolerance. A 2013 paper published by Wargent and colleagues demonstrated that THCV is good for diabetes treatment. THCV can help you to lose some weight. This high-THCV strain is a 95% Sativa-dominant hybrid with a 0.066 THCV level and 21-24% THC.

THCV reduces:

  • Blood sugar levels 
  • Stress and anxiety symptoms, 
  • Hunger suppression

Treat Anxiety And Depression

THCV is a very effective treatment for stress, anxiety, and depression because it affects the CB receptors in our brains responsible for regulating moods. THCV specifically works to cause instant cerebral lifting and mental stimulation. THCV is also an antagonist at THC receptors, which means that it reduces the psychoactivity of THC.

Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

THCV has the effect of THC, but it also seems to be a lot more effective in regulating blood sugar levels. THCV inhibits glucagon, which is responsible for producing glucose from glycogen stores and liver starch. It can help prevent diabetes and lower insulin resistance because THCVs effects on CB receptors are anti-inflammatory chemicals that interfere with the THC-THCV relationship. THCVs unique qualities can also be helpful for diabetic patients controlling their blood sugar levels and appetite.

Mood Lifting Effects on Your Brain's CB Receptors

THCV is a THC antagonist, which means it can reduce the psychoactivity of THC. THCV also has antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects by modulating serotonin receptors in our brains and increasing dopamine release in some areas but decreasing it in others for an overall net uplift on mood levels. THCV increases alertness and wake.

THCVs Ability To Reduce THCs Psychoactive Effects

THCV can reduce THC's ability to induce disordered thinking, paranoia, and memory loss. THCVs effects are felt quickly compared to THC because it has a higher affinity for CB-receptors in the brain.

Is THCV Legal?

Tetrahydrocannabivarin is most likely legal under federal law. Still, some states have expanded legislation to prohibit Delta 8 THC, which would effectively ban THCV due to specialized definitions of what constitutes an illegal cannabinoid. Some states have banned all cannabinoids produced synthetically, and some have done so expressly. You can use marijuana, purple pineapple Sativa to sell, possess, or be penalized as defined in the Federal Analog Act.

Is THCV Legal

THCV is not scheduled at the federal level of the USA and has not yet been designated under the Convention on Psychotropic Substances. However, THCCS's legal status remains largely unknown in the United States. In the UK, THCV was classified as Schedule 1 to the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001 as an illegal substance that has no recognized health benefit in the UK. In other words, it is illegal to buy and sell THCV in the UK. The United States can not currently be scheduled at the federal level nor by the Convention concerning Mental Substances on Psychoactive Subscriptions.

Does HIGH THCV STRAIN Show Up On a Drug Test?

In one study, high THCV strain metabolite THCV-COOH was identified in the urine of non-chronic marijuana smokers for up to two weeks. It means that THCV can be detected on a drug test.

Is THCV Psychoactive?

THCV contains THC, which gives THCV a psychoactive effect. THCV is not the same as THC, and it's different from THC because of its shorter hydrocarbon chain that makes THCV seem more like CBD than THC in some ways.

THCV does not directly belong to a drug like THC because it is technically a cannabis extract. THCV is found in generally minute quantities in most strains of cannabis. It has more appetite-suppressing properties and is exceptional pain relief as well as increasing bone density. THC is the most prevalent cannabinoid in marijuana-specific activates CB1 receptors associated with nerve mediated neurons that produce the same high of THC and can increase the effect.