What Is Hemp And How Is It Different From Medical Cannabis?

There's plenty of confusion regarding hemp and what we generally called “marijuana. ” A lot of people think that marijuana and hemp is the similar thing. In the past, authorities have lumped them together as prohibited materials. It does not help that a few medical marijuana proponents known as “hemp oil. ”

However, hemp is technically a marijuana plant; it's a completely different variety from marijuana, which is used medicinally and recreationally. The site, HempEthics, describes hemp in this manner:

The word ‘Hemp’ generally means commercial/industrial use of the cannabis stalk and seed for building materials, plastics, detergents, body care products, papers, foods and textile.

Hemp is an incredibly versatile and handy plant, as its medical marijuana cousin as this one. Nevertheless, the similarity may stop there. Along with consumption, there are many ways that recreational/medical cannabis and hemp are different, as per HempEthics.

In contrast to recreational cannabis that's been bred over time to produce higher THC ( a psychoactive chemical substance the reason for feeling “high, ” along with several documented health benefits), industrial hemp is extremely low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

In hemp, It is the seeds and stalks that matter. The stalk gives powerful fibre for producing building materials, rope, paper and textile and the seeds can be transformed into food products and cooking oil, biofuel and body care products. In recreational/medical cannabis, the precious elements of the plant are the flowers and buds of the female plant, the origin of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD and various other valuable ingredients.

Marijuana and hemp plants look entirely different. Hemp closely looks like bamboo in the woodiness and length of the stalks and reaches to the height of 10-15 feet before harvest. On the other hand, cannabis plants rise to an average height of 5 ft, with buds and leaves which grow out instead of up. Therefore, hemp can be harvested packed tightly together in contrast to marijuana plants need much space.

The growing circumstances and conditions also can be different for each type of plant. Recreational/medicinal marijuana plants need hot, humid conditions to develop. The most sensitive areas of the plant-the buds need a lot of handling that makes them ideal for indoor farming. Hemp plants, nevertheless, are hardy and can cultivate in a bigger range of areas. They grow in the regions which cultivate crops like corn and result in huge yields than other marijuana plants.