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It has a pungent, fairly sweet, and gassy flavor that remains on your breath and plays with your senses. The terpene (isoprenoids) profile helps you support a sense of clarity and focus as well as a relaxing feel that fits for evening hours of enjoyment.

Although it features a fairly low Cannabidiol percentage, the terpene (also called isoprenoids) profile really helps to enhance the entourage-effect making Frosted Kush a lot more potent and highly effective as compared to the Cannabidiol (CBD) percentage suggests.

Frosted Kush Cannabidiol (cbd) Review

Our Frosted Kush Strain is made of Hundred Percent hand trimmed, “farm fresh” Cannabidiol (cbd) Flower. This highly effective Cannabidiol flower includes One gram of upto Twenty-two Percent Cannabidiol (cbd) and below 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol.

Hand-trimmed and ready for you to grind or roll, is a day time break or night time relax smoke.

Effects Of Frosted Kush

Frosted Kush smoke is powerful, smooth, and flavorful. This strain will not harm your throat whenever you inhale, and in just a few minutes, stress-free effects will course in your whole body. The results of Frosted Kush will last for approximately Forty-five to Ninety minutes.

Frosted Kush produces a great night-cap, best for relaxing and topping-off at the end of your day. Use of Frosted Kush makes the eye lids just a little bit heavy, and your mind and body feel a gentle and nice euphoria. In this high stress world, Frosted Kush is everything that people need.

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Frosted Kush Cannabidiol (cbd) has a sour and sweet flavor of citrus, pine, and berries. It is smooth when inhaled and has a woody and earty taste on the exhale.


The smell of Frosted Kush is compared to that of a birthday-cake with fresh berries. It features a little gassy and pungent under-tone with a light touch of tropical flowers and skunks.

1. Like some other kush strains, Frosted Kush usually has strawberries, earthy and gassy aroma. It is just exactly the “berries and whipped cream”.

2.A dark green with a yellow-colored touch showing how resinous it is. It has dense nugs having a mixture of darkish and light greens along with orange hairs—strong, small, full bodied leaves.

3. Frosted Kush CBD is 100 % legal to buy on-line – as long as it’s produced from commercial hemp and not cannabis.

4. You have two options when thinking about buying Frosted Kush on-line. High quality outdoor flower by Green Unicorn and indoor flower by Secret Nature.

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