Diesel Hemp Review

I tried out several CBD flower strains from Diesel Hemp, and it's been a year now of using them. I have found that it is very enjoyable because of its intensity and aroma. Diesel Hump is an alternative to cannabis produced in the cannabis industry, which has become a more popular choice after its legalization for people above 18 years.

Diesel Hump can be smoked in joints or blunt, baked brownies or tea made from the leaves.

Here you'll find in-depth reviews of the strains that had the most impact on me. I'm excited to try out my new varieties:

Hemp Flower Has The Highest CBD

Hemp flower is a type of Diesel Hump with a high concentration of CBD. It provides calming and relaxing effects, which makes it suitable for nighttime use or to take as a replacement for marijuana. Diesel flower is used in the preparation of edibles and can be infused into wines and beverages.

People use Diesel Hemp flowers to create a soothing "body high."

Cherry Abacus

Cherry Abacus includes a delightful mix of Diesel and Cherry Diesel. The Diesel provides a calming high, while the Cherry Diesel delivers euphoric effects. Here, "Cherry" is used as an adjective to describe the flavor of the Diesel strain, not as a reference to its origin or makeup.

Abacus Diesel CBD

Abacus diesel is an invigorating strain that has helped me unwind after a long day. This strain is my go-to Diesel when I need help unwinding and settling into a good night of rest.

AC Diesel Hemp Review

DC Diesel Sativa strain is a potent sedative from the CBD plant that boosts your energy levels and alertness and has an intense scent and smell. The high concentration of terpenes gives this hemp strain a vibrant citrus kick with a bittersweet earthy, woody taste that remains in the mouth well after you wash it.

Ac diesel hemp is a sour diesel Sativa that has sedative effects like most Indica strains. It can calm the nervous system and relax the body. The sharp gasoline taste which engulfs the stomach is the main flavor profile of HC-rich AC Diesel. Cannabis extracts 18% are high in positive effects as it doesn't cause unwanted side effects.

AC Diesel Hemp Flower


  • In-house breeding and propagation
  • Background with a genuine cannabis usage
  • Creators of the Abacus strains
  • Tested in labs
  • Owners of Colorado CBD Seed™
  • Fast & easy shipping

Experience With Diesel Hump

You can't help but have that PRESENTS!

The sensation when you open a wonderfully packaged and presented box is marvelous. You generally get a similar feeling when someone gives you a present. It's just like getting surprises.

Premium Packaging

The packaging is not only elegant, with a hint of color and gold detail, but it's also high-end. Everything is wrapped up in boxes, and there are no baggies to be found (besides the pre-rolls within the cartons). Then, within the containers, Diesel Hemp has chosen metal tins and a glass jar with a black lid to better preserve the delicate trichomes of the flower than a bag will.

Child-proof black lids are also included on the eighths of the flower (3.5g), which is useful if you live with inquisitive youngsters. The shatter and crumble were all nicely presented in tiny glass jars, with the king-size pre-roll of 1 gram was delivered in a glass tube, which I'll sure to find more use for.

I was pleased to see the pre-rolls kept in tiny plastic bags to ensure that it is fresh. The inside of the cigarettes was in their original form without being crushed. The product is well-packed in small, plainly black metal tins sealed within pouches labeled with the strain's name.

First Impressions

I smoked my favorite diesel hemp, and when my family and friends came around to check on me, I was surprised to know that nobody could find the difference between this flower and high THC cannabis, which they are used to catch.

I tried a variety of Diesel Hemp strains throughout May, including:

Abacus Diesel

The chewable hemp flower and CBD embrace all of the benefits you'd expect from cannabis, such as pain relief. This strain is ideal for relieving physical tension and pressure, numbing the body and temporarily lifting discomfort through the muscles and bones. In short, it is useful for medical conditions of depression, anxiety, joint pains, etc.

Cherry Abacus

A bud is taken from the hemp flower; it's big, beautiful, and has a king-size pre-roll.

Inzane Diesel

Hemp flower is derived from the Cannabis sativa plant and has psychoactive properties.


The hemp plant's flower is made up of THC and CBD.

Grape Abacus

Cannabis flowers and pre-rolls are available.

Lemon Abacus

CBD shatter is a type of cannabis derived from the plant Cannabis sativa.

Spec 7

CBD-enriched tobacco flower and CBD crumble.

Durban Diesel

Durban diesel CBD hemp flower is a sugar leaf that is sweet in taste. It contains alpha-pinene, beta myrcene, delta 3 Carene, caryophyllene oxide, and terpene.

Over time, I've discovered that the two that attracted me the most after smoking a few times were Abacus Diesel and Cherry Abacus.

Abacus Diesel CBD

Abacus diesel contains only 10% of CBD Content.AC Diesel has dominant terpenes, beta-caryophyllene, D-limonene, and linalool. It too contains OG Kush and Purple Urkle, which relieves stress and muscle tension.

Abacus Diesel CBD


There's no confusion for cannabis enthusiasts about the strong Diesel and a skunky-funky strain smells that start to surprise you as soon as you open a container of Abacus Diesel. It's a pain in the rear end to have to get my nose right into it all of the time. It's fantastic!


The buds are light green, springy, and covered in brown hairs, interspersed amongst the well-trimmed leaves. The Purple Urkle strain can be recognized through the purple hues that persist through the more shaggy areas, and there are some faint traces of purple trickling through.

Most of the CBD products have a hard-hitting gasoline taste with a fluffy quality of the buds that makes it quite simple to break them up, so I didn't need to use my grinder, and as you split the buds apart, they open up into flecks of nearly lime green towards the bud centers.


The flavor comes easily and strongly on the rear of the tongue, with a super-gassy and earthy aroma. It feels tingly, almost sparkly in the throat when breathed in conjunction with the olfactory pungence. It's a fantastic strike, but it isn't for the faint of heart.


As predicted, this terpene-rich strain had visible effects almost immediately. I was feeling ultra-relaxed (both mind and body) and blissfully happy with light buzz tingles all over after smoking only a few hits. For me, this is an excellent strain for switching off and watching a film before bed because I didn't feel like doing much thinking after smoking it.


I didn't notice anything until about 18 hours after ingesting, but the effects certainly impacted me later that evening. What I was almost struck by was it. It makes me happy; not only did my appearance appear excellent, but everything, in general, appeared to be more vibrant and alive.

The first thing I noticed was when the citrus sticks to the sides of my tongue, and the bitterness immediately lingers all around in my oral cavity. 

The swirling smoke is important, to say the least, and the strains take immediate effects; just a few moments after that first drag, it was a tiny chill on the back of my head. My eyes drooped as the cold seeped deeper into my body. The myrcene and nerolidol in the blend were most likely responsible. After the full onset of action, we felt somewhat heavier with excellent muscle relaxation.

In my opinion, this is the pinnacle of what you should expect from a CBD flower. I was relaxed and content all around. For me, it was Perfect!

Last but not least, when the Abacus Diesel effects start in the head, I felt very lucid throughout. In my opinion, this isn't a flower that will have a huge impact on completing your day-to-day tasks, but it also has an optimal effect on a person for almost any time of day.

I decided not to be surprised if I dozed off later that night with a grin on my face.

I was in the moment! So it was tough for me to appreciate any immediate benefits from smoking the joint; nevertheless, everyone at the table loved how delicious it was, and we were all clearly in the mood for something.

The following day, I smoked it again in the afternoon (this time, of course, without beer) and I felt washed over with a sensation of calmness. I felt calm, yet not sloth-like; more like a free and easy manner.

I was content to sit and listen to the birds chirp around me after a while, but I became energized after a few minutes. Every time I smoke this chemovar, it fills me with a feeling of creativity that encourages me to create, paint, or write.

To no surprise, the main terpenes in Cherry Abacus are myrcene (relaxing) and beta-caryophyllene, which is known for focus and creativity, as well as pinene. Whether alone or with friends, I always have a blast when I'm smoking this strain.

About Diesel Hemp

Diesel Hemp is a specialty hemp producer that grows high-quality CBD flowers from seed to sale, including Diesel Hemp. The Abacus Seeds White Label crosses between two legendary California cannabis strains, OG Kush and Purple Urkle. Its flagship strain, Abacus Diesel, was developed via years of in-house breeding between these two original California marijuana strains.

They now have various pungent strains that add to this distinctive grassy aroma, such as Cherry Abacus, Grape Abacus, Lemon Abacus, SpecDiesel, Inzane Diesel, and Spec7.

Each strain is hand-picked for its distinct and potent terpene profile, and the entire flower is produced indoors from their proprietary genetics.


Only those who are 18 years or older can buy the product as per Food and Drug Administration. According to FDA-approved research and health care practitioners, these CBD products are not intended to treat any disease.

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