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Green Roads is a pharmacist-based company that has set high standards by their care, and good quality. They are focused on helping every person to attain good health through plants.

The CBD used by Green Roads comes from hemp cultivated on farms of America that work with the most outstanding standards of farming. They get their raw materials from the most innovative hemp-extraction techniques.

They carry out lab tests of raw ingredients for pesticides, microbes and harmful metals. They make their award-winning CBD products and send them to the lab for examination. They make their laboratory results available for their customers by a simple QR scan code on the product packaging.

  • Green Roads Summary & Unboxing
    Green Roads is a CBD company in Florida that began in 2013 when Laura Fuentes, a pharmacist who started a flourishing CBD industry.
    With an experience of 25 years as a pharmacist, the commitment of Laura Fuentes is to help others live healthy lives by supplying them clean, top-quality CBD products that people from all fields of life can t
  • Getting CBD up a level
    It is based on honesty, transparency and well-being values. Green Roads has strict and transparent requirements in the CBD industry. They want their customers to trust that what they’re consuming is effective and safe. Green Roads produce their versions for each CBD product.
    It sounds unusual, but nine out of ten CBD brands in stores sell ready-made CBD products by putting their brand label on the packaging. But Green Roads is a brand that makes its unique blends. All products of Green Roads are manufactured by pharmacists and the co-founder, a professional pharmacist. 


Relax Bears Review:

Green Roads make tasty CBD gummies in the market. The Relax Bears provide delicious sweet and sour flavors. It is chewy, soft and delicious - Relax Bears of Green Roads rapidly reduces anxiety and stress in a simple way and at a fair price.

Each Relax Gummies includes 10 mg high quality, laboratory-tested CBD (with absolutely no THC and cannabinoids except CBD). They are packed in the standard green boxes of Green Roads in which your order is safe during delivery.

The CBD relax bear is available in a container of thirty pieces with Five different flavors.


It has a flavor of lemon, orange, green apple, blue raspberry and cherry.

Best Used For:

It is best for the following:

  • Students
  • Businessmen
  • High-Stress Working Environments
  • Meditation, Yoga and Martial Arts
  • Sports like Golf and gaming
  • People With anxiety or stress

Best-taste CBD gummies of 2020!

Unlike Sleepy Z’s, the Relax Bears do not have melatonin or any other compound, making you sleepy or tired. Although “Relax Bears" is a nice name, you might call them Declutter Bears or Focus Bears because it makes you focused, clear, attentive and gives you mental peace.

The percentage of CBD is not too high, so you can take two gummies a day when you want a mental boost.


Sleepy Z's Review:

A significant difference between Relax Bears and Sleepy Z is that the Sleepy Z's have high CBD amount and melatonin. These differences make Sleepy Z a sedative gummy rather than a “chill out” gummy.

The Sleepy Z’s is the best CBD sleep gummies with countless 5-star reviews. It is just $5 per gummy. If you've sleeping problems, the Sleepy Z's are great for fighting insomnia (sleeplessness).

Feel how your sleep supports and uplifts all aspects of your health!

The improved Sleepy Z gummy provides 5 mg of melatonin and 25 mg of CBD. Melatonin is a part of your sleep cycle, and CBD helps your natural body stress response to relax your body and mind to sleep.

Best Used For:

It is best for the following:

  • Insomnia (sleeplessness)
  • People having night-duty jobs
  • Workaholics (people who work hard)

Sleepy Z's:

The Sleepy Z's is a perfect solution for insomnia. Take a Sleepy Z before half an hour to bed, and you will quickly sleep. These CBD Gummies are made with broad-spectrum CBD oil to benefit from all cannabinoids of the hemp plant, with no THC. Its price is a bit high in our point of view.


CBD Froggies Review:

Green Roads CBD Froggies is a great way to get your everyday CBD. It is a pharmacist-formulated and lab-tested CBD gummies that give you a delicious way to support your well-being.

It is unique not because of its shape (actually frog-shaped) but because of its larger size than other gummies. The CBD Froggies are available in various flavors and concentrations, such as regular and sour-coated products and in different potencies of 25mg and 50mg.

If you want a high CBD dose without trying several gummies, the Green Roads CBD Froggies is a good choice. 

Best Used For:

It is best for the following:

  • High degrees of pain
  • For a long-lasting effect
  • Anyone who wants a high-dose of CBD

CBD Froggies:

CBD Froggies is perfect for those who like sweet gummy bears. It comes in the packing of two and four pieces each. They are slightly oversized for someone who doesn't like too many candies; however, the effects are undoubtedly great!

The effects are rapid-acting (about half an hour) and long-lasting than other gummies. According to the potency (25mg or 50mg), you will feel lighter or stronger relaxing and couch-lock effects.

It is perfect for those who have been using CBD for a long time and wish to try something differen


Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

The Famous Full-Spectrum CBD oil from Green Roads is a potent CBD tincture with 1500 mg of CBD in each 30 mL bottle. That holds up to 50 mg per Milliliter.

Though Green Roads has a range of different types of CBD, flavors and potencies, we presume that the natural flavored Full-Spectrum is an excellent option.


High potency CBD is at a more reasonable price and helps you get more CBD with much less effort.

Broad Spectrum tinctures benefit from the hemp plant than CBD. It also contains other natural cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN and THC.
The taste of CBD tinctures depends on every person. However, the high potency CBD oils tend to be difficult to flavor-over, producing sweet and quite sickly oil droppers.

Best Used For:

It is best for the following:

  • People who want controllable CBD intake
  • For use at home
  • To find out their best CBD amount
  • For rapid relief

They have set up the high-quality CBD already, so let’s check out what makes CBD oil so distinct. The exciting part of CBD oils is that they have a specific measuring instrument that seems like a plastic syringe. It is marked with various CBD dosage amounts to help you get the precise dosage each time.

The reason why is it so interesting..? Most of the CBD routine is within testing and consistency. By knowing the amount you’re taking, when you’re taking it, and what you’re taking (laboratory results), you can correctly set up your perfect dose.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil:


Cool Relief CBD Roll-On

Green Roads Cool Relief CBD Roll-on is effective for your stiff limbs and joints.

Many people wonder whether cold or hot is better for pain. However, the fact is that topicals don't affect due to warmth or cooling. What you're feeling is just a cooling sensation of peppermint that improves blood circulation.

It is a combination of 350 mg of CBD from full-spectrum hemp extract with menthol and other compounds. Roll-on is easy to apply at home or Gym. Manufactured by the team of pharmacists and made in our Food and drug administration registered facility.

The peppermint, rosemary oil, avocado oil, bentonite clay and a relatively high CBD concentration produce a powerful muscle and joint healing topical roll-on.

Best Used For:

It is best for the following:

  • Athletes
  • Elder people
  • People with static jobs
  • For rapid relief

Cool Relief CBD Roll-On:

A must-have in a sports bag!

The Cool Relief CBD Roll-On provides rapid pain relief to painful joints and muscles. It reduces pain resulting from overwork, poor posture, injuries and twists, and many other joint and muscle pains.

The effect is immediate and strong but not uncomfortable. It provides a good peppermint fragrance, and soothing avocado oil is perfect for moisturizing the skin.


Heat Relief CBD Roll-On

Heat Relief roll-on helps you where and when you want it most. Heat is from cayenne-pepper that increases blood circulation. It provides you 350 mg of CBD, red pepper for warmth, Vitamin E and other ingredients to relieve your stiff muscles and joints. It is made from a variety of hemp compounds (with 0.0mg THC). The roll-on makes the application simple and clean.

We suggest the Heat Relief Roll-on on stiff muscles for soothing sensation and moisturizing the area.

Best Used For:

It is best for the following:

  • Sports athletes
  • Aged people
  • For stiff joints and muscles
  • People with jobs that impose a poor posture

Heat Relief CBD Roll-On:

Suitable for muscle stiffness that requires more circulation of blood and warmth. Cayenne-pepper extract produces heat, so if you are allergic or intolerant, you should avoid this product.


CBD Coffee

Colombian Coffee blended with Top-quality American Hemp!

Green Roads Hemp Flower Coffee is a smooth medium roast having hints of caramel and nuts. CBD concentration can vary according to each bath, but it has 10 to 15 mg in each sufficient serving. CBD Coffee is a combination of cannabinoid-rich hemp flower and Colombian coffee. It gives you the power and a relaxed mind which is a perfect, well-balanced energy experience. It is available in a 2.5-ounce packet.

Best Used For:

It is best for the following:

  • People who drink too much coffee
  • Times when you have a necessary task

CBD Coffee:

The flavor is of the standard moderate roast. Not a strong coffee but more smooth, well-balanced that provides an energy boost without making you nervous or anxious.


Final Thoughts

Green Roads is a trend-setter in the CBD industry. Their persistency for high quality, transparency, health and safety is clear in everything they do. All of their products use hemp cultivated on American soil and are laboratory tested in the most reliable facilities available. Green Roads also provides informative resources in their University of CBD, where they teach about all particulars of CBD.

They have a variety of products that help the majority of people. The one thing that people noticed missing in the products is the high-concentration of tinctures (over 3000 mg).

The purchasing process is easy with fast shipping. Standard shipping is more expensive than other brands. However, the shipping is free for orders of 50 $ or more.


Discount Codes

Green Roads also offers discount codes with an active time frame. If you find a code that doesn't work, you can inform us in the comments.
The discount code is given below:

DISCOUNT CODE: JUNE20 -- (It will end on 26/20-2020)