Elektra CBD Review

Elektra CBD is a distinctly delicious CBD strain. It is ideal for those who want a potent strain for daytime use to achieve calmness and relaxation without sleeping. It makes you more social and friendly with mild uplifting effects as many consumers report being much more talkative without any fear while smoking Elektra. Elektra CBD provides you such an experience that can certainly make you returning for more.

It is a crossbreed of ACDC and Early Resin Berry. It has orange and green buds that provide an aroma of chocolate, citrus, and red wine, making this strain noticeable over various other CBD strains.

Genetic Lineage of Elektra CBD

Elektra CBD is a cross of ACDC (famous high CBD strain) and Early Resin Berry (Sativa-dominant strain well-known for the fruity taste). ACDC has a higher resin amount and terpene profile.

ACDC helps produce various low THC and high CBD strains. Elektra is a well-liked hemp flower that acquired popularity in 2019 when this strain received several awards for CBD and hemp in America. It has characteristics of Sativa and a high CBD proportion. ACDC and Early Resin Berry are incredibly famous strains that are presently modern-day classics.

Elektra is a CBD-dominant strain that has citric and dark chocolate scents. It has numerous terpenes, and it is a potent CBD strain in the world. The hybrid buds have a gentle green hue on their flowers that are outlined with red hairs. They are dense, short, and Christmas tree-shaped buds.

Effects of Elektra

Elektra CBD makes you enthusiastic, relaxed and talkative. The name Elektra arises from the word electric. It makes sense as its effects are refreshing and mood-enhancing. It is an ideal example because it consists of THC content less than 0.3% and 12-15.4% CBD, making it the “potent” strain. Elektra, influenced by the ACDC strain, is famous for its soothing effects on your body.

Elektra CBD is a fairly pleasant CBD strain with a flavor of earthy wood, oranges and mangoes. There is another basic taste of chocolate, coffee and vanilla.

John Doe

It is the best-smelling CBD strain available. When you open the bag, you will get the tropical waves coming to you. After that, you will feel much deeper hints of chocolate, coffee and jasmine blossoms.


Elektra CBD buds are medium-sized, compact buds with tones of intense, vibrant green. If cultivated appropriately, they are sticky to touch because of the formation of trichomes. Trichomes are grown on the buds. The flower is thick and fragrant with an earthy pine flavor. Elektra usually possesses rusty-colored hair that stands out from the buds.

1. You will see that many retailers offer Elektra as it is a well-known strain (nearly common as Special Sauce). You’ll find indoor cultivators and outdoor cultivators who offer this strain.

2. If you’re an expert or one who enjoys smoking CBD flower and THC, then we suggest you choose an indoor Elektra.

3. Indoor Elektra is more fragrant and strong than outdoor however more costly. Many people are more pleased to smoke a less expensive high-quality outdoor cultivated flower.

4. You can imagine it as choosing wine. Some consumers need a $50 bottle, while many people are satisfied with a $10 bottle.

Elektra by Green Unicorn Farms is a simple and fragrant pre-roll that may become the perfect strain so far.

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