Hawaiian Haze CBD Review

Hawaiian Haze is an exotic and tropical CBD hemp strain that provides uplifting and fresh sensations. Hawaiian Haze CBD is as mystical as the aromas and scents it exudes. The beginning of this hemp strains may not be clear as to its lineage. It is believed that this strain comes from the Hawaii Aloha-State due to its name, but it may not be accurate.

CBD Hawaiian Haze is a Sativa strain and a dominant cross of Haze and Hawaiian. The genetics are derived from Hawaiian and Haze parents, then combined into the benefit laden Hawaiian Haze hemp-strain.

Hawaiian Haze CBD Review

Hawaiian Haze CBD mainly includes Indica strains and is well-known for its relaxing effects. It produces relaxing effects with its orange hairs and light airy buds. Due to its high content of CBD, users rave about its effects of easing stress very quickly.

These hemp buds of CBD are filled with tropical and pineapple fruit flavors. As compared to average CBD content, this hemp strain got first place due to the High Times Hemp-Cup in 2020.

When searching for the top rated Hawaiian Haze suppliers, verify that these CBD-buds are lab tested and legal. The lab test must show the percentage of 9 Delta-THC is under or equal to .3% and the total THC should be more than .3%.


Nothing works better for a stressed mind and a tired body than a Hawaiian Haze strain. Hawaiian Haze has +13% CBD and +16% total cannabinoids, giving it a lesser potency compared to other hemp plants. This strain is the perfect hemp plant for new users, because it allows you to experience the benefits of CBD in a smaller and controlled dose.

It makes you feel confident, and comfortable by melting away blockages and anxiety. Though its benefits are more evident on the mind than on the body. In most cases, people get energized and talkative after smoking this hemp strain. That is why avoid smoking Hawaiian Haze hemp strain before bed-time.

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However, several users have reported feeling calm and sleepy after a high dose of Hawaiian Haze. If you suffer from anxiety and ailments such as nausea, Hawaiian Haze is a great strain to get rid of these conditions.

2. Supports antioxidant activity and longevity.

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Flavor Profile

This hemp strain has a unique, inviting flavor profile making it one of the most popular strains on the market. The smooth, pleasing flavors make this plant more appealing to newbies. Hawaiian Haze CBD flower has no side effects on the throat and lungs when consumed.

You will taste pungent waves for mango, fermented-fruit and pineapple. While exhaling, you will notice a slight touch of citrus, pine and spiced peppers. Though it has a spiced-touch but it is not strong or harsh. You’ll enjoy a fairly smooth smoke that enchants your tastebuds and tickles your senses.

Terpenes are aromatic chemicals naturally found in Hemp plants. They have unique therapeutic benefits that synergize with other plant compounds, including phytocannabinoids and CBD.

Hawaiian Haze is actually a tall hemp-strain. Buds are large in diameter and have medium density. The strain’s long leaves and hairs also highlight the tallness of its flower.

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